(US) Complete Electric Skateboard Set/Parts minus battery

Hi everyone, I’m selling a complete setup for an electric skateboard build minus the battery because its so old and the remote because I can’t find it. I’ve grouped some of the more prominent items together separately. I will sell parts separately though. Shipping costs depends on where I’m shipping to so I can quote you if your interested. Everything has been tested and works to my knowledge. I bought everything thinking I would have time to put it all together but that didn’t end up happening. Thanks for checking it out, pm me for more details if you want them or if your interested.
Prices for the sets are:

Enertion Focbox and Flipsky 4.12 vesc- $180

DriveTrain( Dickyho and APS motor mounts, TB 6355 190kv motors, caliber 2 trucks, wheels with pulleys, and 2 belts)- $280

Osprey longboard with custom made enclosure from Benclosures- $50

Full Package for $525 includes everything below:

Osprey longboard

Custom enclosure

Enertion focbox vesc

Flipsky 4.12 vesc

Torque Boards 6355 190kv motors

Ollin board Popocas 90mm (With almost new Zealous bearings)

Dickyho wheel and motor pulleys. 36/18

2 x-type braces to protect the board

2 board bumpers

Spare kayak handle

Caliber 2 trucks

Full mounting hardware for trucks and enclosure (Comes with new speed washers)

2 spare belts for drivetrain + 3 belts in different lengths

A set of spare bearings

Extra motor pulley, 8mm shaft

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PMd about foc box

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If you wind up parting out, would like the aps mount. I’ll wait patiently, hopefully you can sell the whole dt, but if not, please let me know. Cheers

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PM sent