US CALI sale🤘🏼 Janux gear drives

Moving on to idk what!

Selling my 4wd setup
$450 will get you
4x Janux gear drives
18t motor pinion for 8mm shaft
42t wheel gear with Abec adaptors
Black 200mm surfrodz rkp trucks with 50d baseplates

Front drives have around 15 miles
Rear ones around 60 miles
Will include 3D printed guards

Located in San Jose ca Local pickup welcome

Ps. Willing to part out :slightly_smiling_face:

PPS. Rear drives are clean What you see is guard doing what it’s supposed to do.
Have new ones to replace the ones in the pic :slightly_smiling_face:


Damn man, why you gotta tempt me like this


Come getm brother Lol

hmm I’ll take 1 pair if someone else wants the other


I’d probably take the other.
What about trucks? Split those too?

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how much for a pair drives anyway?

Are the motors for sale? :wink:

I want these, do they only have abec adapters? Or does janux make other adapters for them

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Can I buy your entire board? XD

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Me me me.

@CiscoV Carvon V4 xl with 20ish miles for all 4?

pm sent

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I’m sorry fellas. They gone!
Sneaky bastard. You know who I’m talking to :rofl:


I think i did it right.

Damn snipers :call_me_hand:

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congratulations to the lucky winner!

hope they grabbed the red hubs too while they were at it


It was a sad day for many-a-wallet