US - 18650 and 21700 Cell holders (honeycomb shape)

I used for some battery packs the 18650 Cell holders (honeycomb shape) from

Plan to place another order by end of the week and will ship a package to San Diego next week.

If someone is interested in these cell holders please contact me.

Here more details

Cell holders_price list_ENG X 2020.pdf (1.3 MB)

HoneyComb Holders Pattern 1to1 A4.PDF (675.0 KB)

Koszyki 21700 - szablon A4 1_1.PDF (796.5 KB)

  • Cell holders x1 21700 - 0,11 EUR/pcs.
  • Cell holders x2 21700 - 0,14 EUR/pcs.
  • Cell holders x2 terminated 21700 - 0,14 EUR/pcs.
  • Cell holders x3 21700 - 0,16 EUR/pcs.
  • Cell holders x6 21700 - 0,28 EUR/pcs.

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these are only good for top mount btw. Do not fit in enclosures

i got these and they are so tight they ripped the wrapper off my 30Qs idk if it is the same OEM, prob work with unwrapped cells even.

Looks like they are the same.
Maybe they buy from the company in Poland.

I used them so far for VTC6 and Samsung 35E and they fit perfect.

If this is open to more information, I’ll start by saying ordering from any Chinese supplier right now is going to be a challenge as the holiday begins. However, I have one for 4cell angled style and 2cell squared style 21700 and 18650 holders that would be cheaper than this. The angled ones have a flat top and the squared ones have plastic bits over the top like these that would make wide nickel strips harder to use.

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He’s aliiiive

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Holiday or not, I prefer to get this in EU and not China.
“cheaper” is also not the point for me when I pay 0,01 Euro more per cell for some holders I can get in 2 days.

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