Updating FocBox Unity with latest VESC Tool firmware via bluetooth

Hello Guys:
The information about firmwares on the forum is overwhelming.

I’d like to update my FocBox unity, currently running the latest Android FocBox UI, do I need to do it by USB or can I do it via Bluetooth?

Can I update it via bluetooth with Brian’s VariESC tool @b264


If you have acces to usb, do it over usb.

I did the unity fw to vesc fw over bluetooth a few times.
The stock unity bt is very slow and it will take 5+ min before finish.
If the connection drops you might need swd. (never failed on me)

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thanks a lot!

I followed the USB procedure and updated the Unity via USB to the latest 3.0


Yes, I think it was 5.2

no it is clearly noyt enough if you were still confused

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I was just installing one of the new modified unities (JP version with XT90s) (not by my choice or coin) and couldn’t connect to either Vesc tool mobile app nor focbox unity mobile app even though they were both seeing the unity BLE when I hit scan. Kept getting some error message and tried tens of times to no avail.

Tried it on pc and it worked fine, and still couldn’t connect to either mobile app after upgrading the firmware.

To go a little off topic, is there any method described anywhere detailing how I can connect for example a stormcore or Trampa vesc6 MkV to my windows pc Vesc tool app over Bluetooth (ie without having to physically open any enclosures and plug in to usb?)