Updated my fsesc vx1

Trying to swap over to the vx1. I updated the fsesc 6 singles to latest firmware. But I only get one side spinning. Its connected can. It didnt ask if I had a slave or master. Am I missing something?

It’s supposed to be wired into both uart ports with a special wire flipsky provides. Or are you useing ppm?

Trying uart. Is it the blue single cable?

i have some extra connectors i’ll make a connect to the other fsesc

I’m looking at flipskys site now and it appears it no longer goes into both uart ports only one and I’m not 100% sure how that works. When I brought my vx1 the wireing diagrams flipsky supplied are different then the ones showed no now.

fudge. i’ll shoot them a message

This is how it used to be-

And this is how it is now-

should i just run it ppm?

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You can I personally use uart.

does the can wire matter if its connected if its not communicating or is still communicating?

With ppm or uart?

uart connection

I think if your useing the new wireing method can bus should stay on but with the old method you can turn it off but I’m not 100% sure on this so you should probably reach out to flipsky before you do anything. But whatever you do DONT turn the can bus switch on or off while the vesc is on as it will fry the vesc


i messaged them, just waiting for a reply

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Did flipsky get back to you? I’m curious about what they said.

Came down to splitting the uart. Wondering if its because its 2 seperate esc

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I’m very confused to how it’s supposed to work without splitting the uart. Maybe uart could be run over can bus?

@Trampa maybe you can answer this-

In the latest version of the vesc tool can you run uart over can bus? If yes how does it work? is it plug and play or is programming needed?

I had the can bus connected with one uart but only connected side worked.

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And I was able to update both esc at the same time with the canbus