updated 27/08 WTS [UK] cheap epoxy, trucks, cheap 18650 cells, 4.4ah battery, and more...

Subject: [UK] UPDATED flipsky 6.6 200A, cheap epoxy, trucks, cheap 18650 cells, 4.4ah battery, and more for cheap

Hey all, been a while since I’ve posted, I have got a few things to sell as I am moving house.
Price doesn’t include shipping, happy to do a discount for multiple items. 10% discount of anything if you have bought from Esk8supply before :slight_smile:

I will keep adding stuff over the days as I still have a few things to add

Item 1
2*maker X antispark switch new:
£20 each:

Item 2
4 motor mounts for evolve style dkp trucks, 2 styles, new*:
£30 per pair:


Uploading: IMG_1835.HEIC…

Item 3
**1*kegel 36T wheel pulley, aluminium, 15mm belts, require slight modification to trucks (only need a file) *:
£15 each:


Item 4
**flipsky FSESC 6.6 vesc dual 200A electric skateboard working, see pictures for cosmetic condition *:


Item 5
**caliber white front truck + generic back truck, scratched, but still good for a build *:


Item 6
**2Enertion 4A 10s Charger, one with case, one without:


Item 7
maxfind 4.4ah 10s2p LG cells pack brand new in box £50 (collection in london Highbury)

I can throw in a 2a charger for free (you will need to solder a charging port onto the battery)


Item 8
spare 18650 cells from fogstar
10VTC 5A
£10 for all of them, I don’t have a volt meter, but feel free to test them in person, they should be fine
(collection in london Highbury)

I can throw in a 2a charger for free (you will need to solder a charging port onto the battery)


Item 9
*Direct Drive with 12s2p 9.6ah battery with Carbon Fiber deck Vesc based ESC near complete:
Specs: £380 for everything

The battery is working perfectly, the motors have been replaced, need to reprogramme the esc using Vesc tool (couldn’t manage to get it to connect, but it does work

You will need: 4 wheels, screws for deck cover, and grip tape

Can sell individual parts
58kv direct drive motors with kegel core, recommend rubber wheels or the boosted 105mm/ torque board 110mm Trucks: forged double kingpin trucks (£120) sold

Battery 12s2p 21700 Panasonic 9.6ah Charger: 12s 3A charger (£120)

Deck: carbon fibre deck (same as own board carbon without logo) (£120) sold

Esc: Vesc based esc with remote (need to reprogram but it works) (£80) sold


Item 10
**Epodex clear resin 0.5kg A + 0.25kg B , unopened, RRP £14 *:


Item 11
**water proof , shock proof case, good for ESC *:




:eyes: :eyes:

I also got one of these mfs lying in my ditch of esk8 parts, then i plugged it into a 12s battery and now im scared to use it :rofl:

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Hello Mate,

I’ll take the 2 vesc if still available.


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I did this twice and it survived. I did cut the power to the charger immediately after that, as the led would start flashing crazy
Still using it.

I did a measurement of this on mine ( I own 2)
Did not get more than 3A if I remember correctly. Definitely not 4A.

i left it on for an hour and came back to the diode at the front of the charger hot as fuck and the plastic was starting to warp. oops.

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Ah mine instantly starting making a bit of clicking noise, warning me of my stupidity.

Turn your music down boy!

Do the evolve mounts fit 6374 motors?

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Yep they are designed for 6374

Vesc sold

Trucks also sold

Hi did you get my PM about the trucks and ESCs about 5 days ago? Never heard from you, want to check if they’re sold to someone else

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Hey, yeah the trucks and esc are both sold. Sorry :pray:

I wish these were the 2A ones :cry:

did you just not see my message or what happened? I’m a bit annoyed at the lack of response and then selling to someone else

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For what it’s worth, I have, umm, IDK 4 or 5 of these around. One of them was charging at 3A and the rest seem pretty consistent at 3.9A


Are yours enertion branded?
EDIT: @b264

Yes they are

Sorry they were sold ages ago, I don’t get notifications from the forum so I have to actively go on the page to check messages. Sorry about that :pray:

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