Unresponsive motor. Though, only when it prefers so

After carving down a street so rough that it managed to jiggle a motor mount off, the board stopped reacting to the remote’s input, for a couple minutes. Then back to normal. As if nothing happened, seemingly the problem was gone. On a different ride a day later, this happens: https://youtu.be/LM65vFBGNl0

The motor sputters and then stops reacting to the rc. Spontaneously, it started working again, all good for half an hour. Then this again, and so on.

Some details:
12s1p, 5000mAh LiPos
FOC sensored
What else?

Your remote receiver connector could be bouncing around causing disconnects.

Thought so too, but all the wiring is connected well, especially the reciver’s. Additionally, this occurs when the board is at rest and open for servicing- not causing disconnects randomly, because it started working again by itself.
Could it of been the VESC capacitors disrupting the reciver with their electromagnetic fields? Or are phase or sensor wires somehow shorting an event more common?

This is a possibility. What remote are you using?

FlySky GTB2. Though even directly up close to the receiver, it still didn’t work.

Try running it withouth a load and after some time check if any component is hot. Would say the reciever connection is loose, or maybe magnetic interference or it is as simple as changing out the transmitter batteries.

Yeah I did so in the video where it sputtered out- everything remained free of heat too. Connections appear solid and the transmitter was fully charged. Does this look like something short circuiting or a fault in vesc config?

I had this kinda problem when two wires over ppm came in connection with eachother, check if there are no breaks or connections between the wires maybe?

Well it’s a relief I’m not alone on this, but yeah I’ll check all that yet another time just to be sure now. Although, it baffles me that it starts working again by just waiting some minutes, without repositioning or shifting anything.

uhhh check how stressed your cables are and if they are bent . it could be that they have a break because of too much bumping.

Yeah but if it were bumping it wouldn’t start working again randomly without more bumping around. Yet it does- though you’re sure this isn’t anything vesc functionality related?