Unity+TB motor amps question

Recently got a unity from bobby and a set of new 6374 190kv tb motors. Running 12s and 3d servisas mini urethane gear drives 2.4 ratio on tb110’s. My question is how many motor amps could I push on this set up? I came from 170kv maytechs pushing 75amps and the new setup feels super sluggish. Its fast as fuck but torque is severely lacking compared to 170kv. I have zero experience with unities and 190kv motors which is why I’m asking here. My current motor amps are at 75, can I get away with 80 maybe even 90? I’ve replaced the unity motor leads with 10awg and 5.5mm bullets. My area is mostly flat but I ride in traffic, I needed more top speed so I didnt impede traffic thus my choice of moving to 190kv. 170kv was more torque than I could handle but the 190s are not even close. Thanks for help in advanced.

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Run them at 90 like the sites specs state.
Your torque will return. :wink: Your unity will be fine also.


Can’t believe I missed that. For some reason I though specs stated 65amps, lol. Thanks for the help!

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The motor kv difference is small but will be noticeable as well. Torque down a bit, speed up a bit.

Technically, as much as u want before it starts to saturate and heats up too fast. Start from 90, bump it up bit by bit until no performance gain, then back down a bit