Unik/LHB dual mount alignment help

Hey guys,

I have some troubles gettting the mount alignment right using a unik dual mount (same as the dual LHB ones iirc). Whatever i do my belts keep going a few milimeters left or right depending on spin direction.

I don’t think anyhting is bent so, is there any tips on set screws tighten order or anything to help get this right ? I’m using BN184 trucks.


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Bump, any idea ? Maybe @okp or @longhairedboy ?

this may due to your hanger. In fact, from a mechanical standpoint, you are looking for perfect alignement between all the components. In other terms, your mount needs to be perfectly at 90° angle to your shaft. If not, you’ll have weird behaviors such as belt tension or something similar to what you are identifying here.

Second, your wheel pulley needs also to be perfectly matching the alignment of your mount too. For some reasons and depending on your wheel pulley, you could have more tension on one of the areas which create also such behavior.

Hope it helps :slight_smile: