undestructible chaindrive kit for mtb

2 x 190kv 6374 battle hardened motor
2x polish motor mounting with hardware from boardnamics for matrix ll
dual overion chain drive with hardware:
spare motor sprockets 4x 9 and 2x10 tooth pinion
2x 42 tooth sprocket ISO-6B stainless steel(5,5MM thickness)
2x chain ISO-6B stainless steel its the same size as my first 250cc motorbike !
compatible with mbs wheel and trampa superstar

this kit as 300 miles but you good for fews more thousand miles !
the kit is strong you can use any power you want ,

250$us plus shipping


What country are you inside of?

canada , l can ship anywhere

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would you sell the motors alone?

no sorry l prefer selling it as a kit, the pinion are custom fit for theses motor

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still available


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