Ultralight Board | Single Drive | Drill batteries | Airline Friendly

I want to start brainstorming my next build focused on travel. This build has to be CHEAP and flight safe.

Parts I’m thinking about:

Deck: Skateshred mini with kicktail $22

Trucks: Caliber 2. $40

Wheels: A set of Orangatangs I already have on hand. Free

Motor: Single 6355 190kv TB or something used. $90

Mount: Boardnamics CB2 mounts without idlers. Free

ESC: Either something I have on hand or the new MakerX. $90

Remote: I will either stick a Hoyt receiver for the puck I already have in there or use a spare nano I have laying around. Free

Battery: 2x of these in series to create a 40v 3ah pack (60wh each). This would be a total of 120wh. I don’t foresee any issues at the airport with powertool batteries but if you do please speak up below. $90

Pulleys: 12T/36T that I have on hand. Free

Enclosure: Something I design and 3d print, will probably be the last part I source/create. Free

Odds and ends:

This adapter is all I could find online for the batteries. If you have any better ideas I am open to them. 2x $20 = $40

Wires and other bits: ~$20

could be less depending on how many spare parts I can find

What am I missing?

The deck might be a little long for portable travel.

I know my tayto is 31 inch and even thats a little big

May I suggest a skate shred mini deck?



Good call. What are your thoughts on this one?

Looks good, kicktail also looks very usable.

To keep the width down use 9" Caliber 2


My bad, I meant to use the 9" version. Good call thanks


I think I have a old TB 6355 with a broken magnet if you wanna try and fix it.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at what I have laying around and get back to you. I may have one with the same problem lmao