[UK] WTS drivetrain

Hi all, I’m looking to sell this drivetrain I put together a while ago, it was going to be for yet another build but never got round to it, so it’s just taking up space.
I bought all of the parts new and never used it - they’ve never felt the touch of the road

BKB 6354 190kv Motors
BKB pulleys
Boardnamics mounts
ABEC 11 97mm wheels

Looking for around £200, cheers


if you part out i will take the wheels


I would take the motor mounts, if he were to ship to germany

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Yep - If you’re parting out - I’ll take motor mounts and I’m in the UK and need them asap . . .


Thanks guys, if I decide to part it out I’ll let you know.
I’ll wait a few days more though to see if anyone wants the lot

Hi buddy!

I’m interested in your drivetrain.

Is it a caliber 2 truck thats included in the sale? You don’t happen to have the full set of wheels?

Would you be interested in sending it to Sweden?

All the best



This was supposed to be a PM :joy:

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I’ll pm you bro