[UK] WTS 50 Samsung 40T cells

I am canceling my flat lease because my uni is allowing us to work remotely for semester 1. I have 50 Samsung 40T cells (4000mAh capacity, 25A discharge as suggested by Mooch, 6A rated charge) left over, that I cannot ship via air due to restrictions. So ground shipping only!!!

I bought them from Fogstar UK. Also including 60 fishpaper insulation rings. Here’s what I paid for them:

I believe they go for 3.15£ now from Fogstar, so I’m asking 130£ + shipping (was around 20£ via UPS) for it all.

I am not in the UK at the moment; a good friend of mine will ship them. They are currently sitting nicely in the boxes they came in, but here’s a picture I took some time ago to prove that I have them:


I also have 2x Bioboards 6880 180kv motors that I wouldn’t mind selling so that I can buy 6396 instead. Trying to find a picture…

300€ for them.

@amanuelamanuel you were looking for some motors right


i will take them. the batteries :slight_smile: not the motors

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Nah man, I was worried for a while that my 6380’s wouldn’t be compatible but I’m good, thanks though. Sweet deal!

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Cells have been sold! Mods can close. @mmaner I see you’re online :upside_down_face:


motors gone too? that was quick

No, not the motors. I figured if someone buys the cells I could include them; otherwise I’ll keep them; maybe they’ll fit better than 6396s anyway.