[UK] - Off-road build, parts needed!

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to build a new off road Trampa style board. I’m in need of the following parts and was hoping someone had them available!

  1. Deck. I’m thinking something like the 35 HS11 9-69 board that Trampa sells. I don’t care too much about it’s cosmetic condition providing it’s physically fine with no cracks etc.
  2. Trucks. I’m currently looking at the INFINITY ATB truck that Trampa do. Tempted to get these brand new but if someone has second hand ones that haven’t been killed then that’ll be good.
  3. Motor mounts. I’ve seen some online but again, if anyone has any second hand ones that’ll be grand.
  4. Pulley set. Wheel pulleys would need to fit on the Trarmpa SuperStar hubs. Motor pulleys and belts would be needed. I’m not 100% sure what ratio to go with as I’ve never built an off road board before.
  5. FOCBOX Dual Heatsink. Yes, I know, I’m still old school and running a dual FOCBOX setup. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it - right? I believe 3dservisas made a focbox enclosure which could mount on top of the trucks. I’m looking to achieve the same thing.
  6. Pelican box enclosure. If someone has a box which already has an antispark switch wired in then that would be awesome. I plan to have a 12s8p 18650 pack inside. May go larger if there’s space. Again, never used a Pelican box before so any advice on this would be really appreciated!
  7. Nickle strips. I’m rebuilding my battery and would like to get some wide nickle strips. If anyone knows of suppliers then that would be brilliant!

If you’ve got all of this already then please let me know! Looking to get this built in the next couple weeks.



I have one of these here

You can get nickel strips from Fogstar UK:


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Can you drop me a DM? Im not ashamed to say that I don’t know how haha

Thank you!