UK / London People look out for stolen boards

Wick got ram raided earlier today, a tonne of electric skateboards and one wheela were stolen.

If you get approached to buy a Wick board, evolve, boosted, or one wheel or asked to sell a controller (the theives did not get many remotes) please contact Wick directly or drop me a PM, info will be treated confidentially.

This is a real.kick in the teeth for the guys at Wick and the whole community. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the Wick guys and what they have built. This news has left me feeling sick


Damn that sucks. I’ll keep an eye out in the South west :+1:



I was at the WICK shop just this weekend during the evolve event

They had an awesome space here with loads of boards out on display and tones of stuff to try / demo.

Its such a shame this happened to them and i hope them all the best in recovering stock or getting this covered on insurance.

In the interest of finding what was stolen im going to post some pictures from this weekend so you guys know what to keep an eye out for :slight_smile:

many of the boards have custom grip tape or stickers, I would guess those trying to get rid of these quickly wont bother to replace this.

Big scooters should be easy to recognize right?

Custom OneWheel should also be easy to recognize.

Also lots of brand new boards that will likely be sold without remotes.

Keep an eye out guys.


I popped down too, was later in the day/early evening - shame I didn’t run into you.

did you go to Four Quarters East too?

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Yeah we were there from about lunch time till the evening carve group ride. Must have crossed paths at some point but not realised. Shame.

Did you take a board? Didn’t see many DIY there tbh.

I got there a little before everyone set off for the ride.

I did have my board with me, but it doesn’t look like a DIY :slight_smile:

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There are not that many of us in Carve with DIY’s are there really? Evolve is king at the moment

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