UK Lazyrolling protective casual pants and reflective jacket.

Up for grabs is my lazyrolling pants and jacket.
Not worn in ernest, just tried on to will them to fit.
Casual pants are 36 waist, 36 leg with pads
Reflective jacket is xl with pads.
Both new unused but unwrapped.
Jacket and pads £150
Pants £100
Big saving on the new price and get them soon!
Plus postage at cost from the UK


These are still here.

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That jacket isn’t the one suited for hot climate, is it?

I don’t think so. I’d use this in Uk autumn.

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how much for the jacket in usd?

Hi, that’s something like $195
There was a guy interested but he’s gone quiet. I better check.

I still have the pants here and waiting on the jacket too.

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Tempted on the jacket, but i have no clue if it’s my size or fits like a hgv curtain on me
Do you know if it’s “true to size” or smaller than advertised?

It’s the only one I’ve tried on. I’d say it’s close. It’s just I’m 6ft 6 and the arms are just a smidgeon too short. After falling before in a cheapo hoodie, I see the importance of the thumb loops to stop it riding up…

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Hm… you say it’s a bit too short at 2m, i’m 1.86.
How tightly does it wrap around you? (And how much do you weigh?)

FWIW, the XL fits me perfectly and I’m 1.78m and 84kg w/ a longer torso/arms. Only piece of XL clothing I own, haha.

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That’s what i was looking for to hear lol. I have a hoodie size L too large and a jacket size L too small, i wanna know which side this one is on.
@BigBen dibs! I’ll contact you friday

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