[UK/EU] FOCBOX, 12s psu + Enertion complete

I recently got a motorbike so simply not using the esk8s as much nowadays. I haven’t been active on the forum for over a year now so I have no idea how much this stuff is worth - if you think my pricing is out, shoot me a pm and I’m sure we can sort something out

My replying is usually awful due to long work days, so if I don’t reply immediately, please be patient

Can post to the UK or EU, buyer to pay for postage

2x focbox, I don’t think I ever used these, I bought them for a project but never got around to using them - £60 each

12s8a charger, currently has an xt60 connector on it, used - £35

A complete build - it’s essentially an enertion raptor but I assembled it myself and it’s got a different battery - probably got about 200 miles on the internals, more like 1000 on the deck and hubs, happy to part out if I get enough interest - £500
10s3p 30q battery with high discharge bms
enertion enertion deck, enclosure, controller, trucks + hubs - I have a brand new set of sleeves for the hubs and a new set of wheels for the front, I’ll include these in the sale



Do you still have the 12s charger?

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