Trying to fix a broken vesc

so, i was lazy when trying to get a scooter working and instead of putting the sockets for thumb throttle into the housing and then plugging it in i just put them on the pins gave them a pull and they didn’t look like they would touch so i powered it up and all was well until the 3.3v and ground touched and bang went the drv, so i replaced the drv and then the 4R7 resistor just under it (Flipsky 4.12 vesc) let out some magic smoke so i replaced that and and the drv again to ensure it wasn’t also broke and it still isn’t working, it pulls quite a lot of current when plugged in initially (about 300ma) but then drops down to next to nothing and it won’t connect to the vesc tool.

I have checked for shorts between the pins and i’m 99.9% sure the ground pad of the drv is soldered.


To what power source did you plug it? How did you measure current? Do you have any close ups of the esc?