Truck width when it comes to maneuverability...

So I wana know the large difference people have noticed from narrow vs wide trucks.

For example my 176mm surf rodz with 70mm axels mounted via drop through on my push board just feel dead and blah. Would this help to drop to 50mm to help the board come more alive?

Let me know your thoughts on this, as I am pretty sparse in knowledge within this subject.

Also if anyone has 50mm axels for sale please let me know

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Wider trucks will handle bumps better because the degree of roll is less for the same bump on one side, but the catch is they are less responsive because the torque that any resistance applies on the trucks is greater, and it takes more energy to turn the trucks for the same reason so it’s slightly harder on you


Also I got 60mm shoulder bolts if that helps

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In short, yes, but in your situation there’s a few things I’d check first that might help with the handling at no cost.

First, it’s mounted drop through, which changes the way you leverage the trucks, making it feel more “hammocky” than leany. This helps with stability, but could also make it feel like less is going on. If you top mount those trucks onto your deck, you will almost certainly feel an immediate difference.

Second, check that the hangars aren’t flipped. IIRC Surf Rodz have rake to them, and if you put them on backwards, it will feel super dead.

Lastly, if you do plan on getting 50mm axles, make sure they fit on your board without wheelbite. That can be a pretty big issue with drop throughs, especially if you like using larger wheels with no offset.


More narrow trucks are more manueverable and more responsive than wide trucks but they are more likely to suffer from wheelbite.

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@ZachTetra I think thoss 60mmwould help big time! Send me a DM brotha

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@frankthedragon thanks for the response frank. I’m unsure what way exactly the trucks should be mounted in terms of rake.

Draw an imaginary line from the center of the pivot cup and through the center of the bushing seat, if the axle is above the line then it’s more stable but if it’s below the line then it’s more lively. Same mechanics as drop vs top mount

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TKP > RKP :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can’t you just move the axle spacers to the outside of the wheel to try?

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