Tried Tear-Aid - flexible, waterproof transparent tape

today removed plastic cover of battery-display and replaced it with a piece of Tear-Aid repair patch.
Stuff is see-through, highly flexible and sticks like wow.
Actual display is recessed from housing but the patch sticks directly to the display without losing grip on the edges.
Comes as a single patch 30x7,7 cm.
Not the cheapest but, as far as i now, the only one to be transparent?

For what it’s worth.


… can we see a picture?

Im curious as to how it looks, I want to make some sort of screen protector for my Davega :thinking:


Just Google Tear-Aid Type A. Looks usable if they make a piece big enough to cover the devega

Snip @Sn4Pz

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Ah it kinda gives things a frosted glass look… Meh.

I was hoping it would be crystal clear. Maybe I can cut up an extra screen protector I have :thinking:

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Not familiar with its screen, but if it’s a flat screen, then that should work perfect.


It’s more of an issue of cutting it without causing it to shatter :stuck_out_tongue:

YouTube/Google probably has something on it :man_shrugging:t2:

A glass cutter. Or of sorts. You etch the glass to size. Removing the waste is the hard part. Your cuts cant take too much glass or it may shatter everything. Good luck cause that was all in my theory lol

It gets pretty clear if you manage to get it straight. Frosted look only when not yet applied or used on non solid/coarse materials. Biggest problem is applying it without touching the sticky side - Sucker sticky like hell and, as it instantly wants to stretch while trying to get your fingers off, changes color and texture. The milky spots you see next to the display are bubbles due to the recessed areas. Stuff is great!