Trampa Urban Carver, Dual Drive, Unity (sold)

The time has come to sell my trampa urban carver, the truth is I have just never got round to building it, so its sat around the man cave for over a year (i did other things with the vesc 6’s and have been waiting for a unity too) and now I want to free up some cash for another project. Everything in the pictures is included
Please consider the battery an included gift for the price, I offer no promise or guarantee of any kind on it, it is a spot welded 12s4p LG 18650 that has never been used, I would recommend at least rebuilding it before use
The pictures…


The list…
Urban carver deck
Urban carver trucks x two
Trampa motors 114v, mounts,belts, pulleys etc x two
Unity (also new and unused)
Trampa battery box
Trampa battery tray (cut to size)
Trampa soft bag
Trampa light bag
12s bms (as pictured)
12s4p lg battery
Rubber and rubber sheet to improve battery tray installation
Couple of GT2b remotes if you need to get you going
Bad bits…
It still needs final assembly
The battery tray has holes cut already that are not needed for a unity setup (but easy to fill/cover)
Bit of tape residue on bottom of deck
The battery
The price
£1100 plus fees etc
I am not interested in parting out


Damn, this is actually a great price

Where are you located bud? I am interested (also in the UK)

I sent you a PM

I really wish I didn’t spend $800 on my trampa this weekend. I’d scoop that in a heart beat if I had the cash I had two days ago :pensive:

Deposit taken, on hold

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Thanks dude. Will come and grab this next week.

For now though


and thank you for beating me to this, I had justified it by the time I reached this post :smile:


thanks dude pleasure to deal with