Trampa Orrsom-mod. Boa stickies, a 12s4p and a TB DD drop-through

My goal was to make a thane ultraboard (I did not succeed). I got the idea from LHB’s Junk Rabbit build which has a drop-through TB DD. Then I remembered the Orrsom deck is only 10mm thick.

Deck and enclosure: Stiffest 16 ply deck and the guys at Trampa were very cool and sent me a blank enclosure and an extra metal end piece. I still messed up and drilled an extra hole.

Battery by @Skyart (thank you man!): 12s4p Molicel P42A 21700. It was a tight fit. BMS on top of FocBox and 1/4” rubber gasket to close it. Major concern: Deck is slightly flexy. Battery pack is slightly flexy. I’m not yet sure which one is more flexy…

Drive: Ok so I went with the TB DD. I know there is a whole thread of beware on this, but I got lucky with my first set. Hopefully these will last long enough until I can get some Hummie hubs


The thing about 'thane and ultraboard is that I don’t know of any trucks on the market won’t allow 110mm wheels to clear the top the top of the base plate. My surfrodz TKPs are way lower than bn220s on paris plates, and it’s still about 5mm away from clearing the top of the baseplate.

yep. I found that too. about 5 mm short

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I would say thane ultraboard achieved!!! Rock on man! I just finished something similar for myself!


NOICE! looks awesome. I like the silver/red combo

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Thank you! Your build looks way cleaner tho! Mine was mostly thrown together to test this deck :sunglasses: I like it quite a bit…watch out for speed bumps, enclosure is no longer virgin

Or get the Radium replacement hanger for TBDD and stop worrying about it altogether.


Very clean build, I like it a lot! :smiley:

That be Radium old man. There are plenty of other things that go wrong with those drives other than the noodly hanger tho.

Nice build!

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Dumdum edit.

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thanks guys. I haven’t had the axles bend. For me it’s been the bearings. I’m going to test ride this weekend. One of the motors is stiff and I’ve oiled it with some improvement.