Trampa MTB Copy - What should I change before I buy?

I am building my first electric board after mountain boarding for a while now. I would love a Trampa 2wd Spur Gear Drive, but between the price of the board and shipping to the US it is out of my budget. My goal for the board is a good hill-climbing board for mountain bike trails that can also hit the jump parks. Priority on hill-climbing ability and range over top speed.

So here is what I have to make my copycat board:

  • Board: MBS Comp 95 Complete with heel straps
  • Drivetrain: Boardnanics M1-AT with Boardnamics motor mount kit
  • Motors: BN6384 Battle Hardened
  • Battery: 12s7p top-mounted in Pelican case
  • VESC: Stormcore 60D+
  • Remote: Benchwheel Wireless

So what should I change out? Anything I need to be aware of with these parts? Any input is appreciated!!

Be aware that due to the nature of matrix 2s, the geardrives may take a bit of work to get on because the hangers are cast and have poor tolerances.

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Be aware that the Comp 95 comes with nylon baseplates, which tend to break with hard use (although I didn’t run into issues with them while I had them on). Might be worth springing for the metal ones alongside. Also I’m not too confident on whether or not the remote is compatible. From a quick glance on their website it doesn’t look like it comes with a matching receiver, which will be necessary to plug into the Stormcore. 7p feels a bit heavy for a jump board, but anything is possible. Otherwise looking good!


Thanks for the response. I actually live near MBS HQ so replacement parts will be pretty easy to get. I was also considering the V2 remote, would that be better?

And yeah the 7p will be heavy, so I’m planning on getting a second battery for park days.

Thanks for the heads up!

I’d buy a Hoyt Puck instead. If your budget is tight and you’re not riding in massive cities, the Flipsky vx1 is fine.


I’m in Greeley. I’m just finishing up a bro build that I am selling. Dunno if you would be interested or what your actual budget is. Just thought I would offer.


Yeah, I am interested. What are the specs?

Ay another Colorado buddy!

I can build it to order… I have some BN drives en route. It has f5 bindings and matrix 2s on it. 2 Single foc boxes. But you can change those out. I haven’t started on the battery yet so what ever you want to spend in that aspect. You can Pm me for more detail.

But I will beat the trampa price before shipping and with a battery. (Maybe not a 12s7p but a battery nine the less)

@theref does quality work and easy to work

As the dude abides :sunglasses:

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Can vouch for the @TheRef as well having just bought a battery and a deck from him to put together a very similar build, both in parts and purpose to what you have, and it would have been a cheaper to go with a complete build from him and would have if that would have been an option at the time.

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