Trampa flex battery build. Need input and advice :)

Hey, building my first Trampa and also my first li-on pack. Have dealt with lipos for a long time but this is new :slight_smile: .

Ordered a eBoosted 20700B enclosure and going with a 12s4P obviously the cells will be like in the picture on the site but not 100% on the strips.

  1. How thick nickel strips is recommended?

  2. When doing the serial connections will 12AWG (input about thickness?) soldered over the length of 2 cells be good? Will spot weld the nickel then solder the cable at least thats the idea atm.

  3. Where to get nickel preferably in EU? Read a lot about Nkon got a shit batch so not 100 I dare to order there. Maybe someone have tested them lately?

  4. Insulation! Fish paper that completely cover the packs then shrink wrap over (tip on eu seller with large shrink wraps is welcome)?

  5. Ordered a BMS but didn’t include a long cable for the cells so would love to get a tip on where I can get one with like 1M of cable so I dont need to extend them also preferably in EU?

If the price difference is huge I can order them in China but the Swedish post (we call them postmurder) takes a retarded 8$ fee on packages that comes from none EU country’s so need to take that into consideration.