Trampa Board Questions (Bearings)

Dear Community

First of all I think that Trampa Boards are one of the best boards out there…
That said - I don’t really get the O-Ring on the Spacer thing ?

My O-rings all are broken now - why not just machine the spacers to the correct size and then be able to really tighten everything properly ?

Also my board had 3 bearings that had a loud sound from the beginning. Now 1 of them doesn’t move at all anymore and the other 2 are still loud af.

I cleaned them properly at the beginning and also now with ultrasonic and then used lubricant but to no avail.

Does any of you guys ride Hybrid Ceramic Bearings ?
I plan to replace all of the bearings with a proper ones - I am not sure where Trampa gets their Bearings manufactured but at least on my board they really seem to move quite hard (or is this a normal 6001RS Thing ?)

I ordered 4 pcs of the hybrid ceramic bearings to test and see if those are suitable.
I got recommended industrial grade SKF Bearings some time ago but maybe some of you may have other recommendations.


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O ring as in the rubber seal, or is there a o ring on the hub spacer that I just haven’t noticed? I have not had any problems with the bearings but a couple do make noise. They also cost a pretty penny.


I have a 2 year old Trampa, never broke and O ring…I bought a bunch, haven’t use them yet…Maybe you are squishy them, too tight…I just place the ring to fill the gap, adjust a little…and no problems at all…Also…it is been 2 years for the bearings too…Every month or two, I put a drop of good oil (or good speed grease will work), but I have not clean them at all, rain, mud, salty water, sand, etc… they keep rolling for good…


@Saturn_Corp / @Santino

Ok Maybe I just got a bad batch.
I just remember from all my other skate related things that the spacers always have been machined to the proper length and I had no issues to make anything gap free and it was holding up nicely - so I just didn’t get the logic behind an O-Ring that is for sure more fragile then Aluminum and that might not hold up well to sideways force.

Both bearings that I show in the video have been cleaned an hour long inside an ultrasonic and oiled with proper Skate Bearing oil but they are just stuck.

They have been like this since the beginning. All the other bearings (except the 3 broken ones) seem to run fine…

never got that o-ring thing as well. I mean I understand for what and why, but still don´t get it.
I use as much speed rings as needed on top to make the bearing spacer fit.

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At least I am not the only one…
I always prefer to have metal parts when mounting things like bearings to an axle… but that’s just personal taste I guess

The o-ring is an easy solution in this case.
The tolerances in Trampa wheels and the fact that they have a loose bearing fit does not allow a solid spacer. You would have to make various spacer sizes to accommodate the differences.
eg I had to make spacers for my 6shooters

However since I use my Trampa as a MTB, tolerances are less important and there is no point in fussing over that kind of stuff when rolling over gravel etc.


Well whatever the field of application may be… I prefer low tolerances and tight fight… But yeah it might not be so important for MTB. I just wonder if this is all on purpose or just trying to fix things that are machining related and would cost a lot more to do with low tolerances…

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Well a complete Trampa wheel (not including bearings etc) costs 25GBP, a replacement plastic rim set 10GBP.
Aluminium and low tolerances are all nice and bling until you destroy a wheel and have to replace it.
As far as I am concerned, for off road, I will stick to cheap plastic