Tramp Urban Carver Rebuild | Dual 6368 | 12s5p | Hybrid DIY Build

This is my first post here, I bought this board second hand from a previous DIY build already so if you wanna see that go here

But, it’s pretty much only the deck and front truck that’s been left untouched since getting my hands on it.
It’s ultimately a street biased MTB build as most of my riding is done in the city, with the occasional track runs, but I also wanted the ability to convert the board to do some lighter offroading on jumps.


  • Trampa Carveboard Deck
  • Mini Spring Trucks w/ Yellow Dampas; Vertigo in Inner Position (F), Infinity in Outer Position ®
  • Trampa Ratchet Bindings + Heel Straps
  • Private Batch Etoxx Clones 6061-t6
  • Evolve 175mm Tyres / Prototype 150mm Race Tyres
  • @IDEA Motor Mounts w/ 15/56t Gearing
  • Custom Undermount ESC Enclosure
  • 12s5p Tesla 21700 Cells w/ ANT 7-16s 40a BMS
  • 2x 6s Tattu 12000mah LiPos w/ 2x External High Balance Current BMSs (1a Balancing)
  • Focbox Unity
  • Flipsky VX2
  • 6368 Motors
  • Modified Huawei Server PSU for a 40-60v 0-30a Charger (R4830G1)

More Pics

I’ll keep on updating this thread as I update the board, so if you have any questions or anything you wnna see with this build just comment


Friggen clean dude!
can we see pics of this?

not as of rn though haha

I’ve already got a v2 of this that’s thinner (About half the thickness) and has all ports and holes pre-cut. Been too lazy to put some LineX on it and install it on the board.


I’ve been looking through Urban Carver builds for inspiration. I really like what you did there.
Could you tell me what hubs you used, please? Thank you.

They were a private batch of Etoxx Clones :slight_smile: