TOTALLY have no clue where the hell to put this - BUT woah - this is a strange patent if I've ever seen one

They are militarizing bicycles. Where’s the outcry?

I’ll be laughing because 1 I want to die on my board and 2 if you could use more power here,I’d have more power,so it’s skill balls and trail familiarity,I say come at me bro,you bring a fucking pev to kill me?sure if you can catch me ,sight lines here are short,I’ll die having fun,some people want to die in bed,surrounded by family,some with a gun&glory I want to be on 4 wheels going at least 50,perhaps on fire,but I guess bullets are ok too. You got a go some how,if there is a next life I’ll have a great story

I just want milk that tastes like real milk

Hmm,odd.but I have strange issues too I’m up at 330am so I can have a smoke with my coffee before my sunrise ride and not hear shit about it. You’d think I was shooting up or something FFS

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Get some from the market. Good shit. 3.8% fat ,non-pasteurized

They already exist

The jet version is 35k but they made the listing for the esk8 one and the jet one together