TOTALLY have no clue where the hell to put this - BUT woah - this is a strange patent if I've ever seen one

They are militarizing bicycles. Where’s the outcry?

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I’ll be laughing because 1 I want to die on my board and 2 if you could use more power here,I’d have more power,so it’s skill balls and trail familiarity,I say come at me bro,you bring a fucking pev to kill me?sure if you can catch me ,sight lines here are short,I’ll die having fun,some people want to die in bed,surrounded by family,some with a gun&glory I want to be on 4 wheels going at least 50,perhaps on fire,but I guess bullets are ok too. You got a go some how,if there is a next life I’ll have a great story

I just want milk that tastes like real milk

Hmm,odd.but I have strange issues too I’m up at 330am so I can have a smoke with my coffee before my sunrise ride and not hear shit about it. You’d think I was shooting up or something FFS

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Get some from the market. Good shit. 3.8% fat ,non-pasteurized

They already exist

The jet version is 35k but they made the listing for the esk8 one and the jet one together

You got a license for that?

Well there was the japanese invasion of singapore :thinking:

"An interesting additional benefit to the use of bicycles was their deceptive nature: “When the enemy were being hotly pursued, and time was pressing, punctured tires were taken off and the bicycles ridden on the rims. Numbers of bicycles, some with tires and some without, when passing along the road, made a noise resembling that of tanks. At night when such bicycle units advanced the enemy frequently retreated hurriedly, saying, ‘Here come the tanks! It is the tanks, it is the tanks!’”

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here’s the latest from that ungoverned dude.
For my money - he’s got the best application of this idea going & no question the furthest along - with ski attachments etcetera…

I dunno… you tellin me scaled up every government spender isn’t salivating at all the money they could spend weaponizing this shyat?!

Call me crazy I guess… But I think the military industrial complex will absolutely be champin at the bit to paint it green with stencil block letters all over it & charge 20 grand a yap - The only reason they havent done that kind of crap already was because it took massive diesel engines to run the dang tanks & finally this electric shyat comes around & it’s got torque for days - the military is gonna have a heyday with tracked e-rigs.

Elon was taking pre orders for self driving big rigs in 2016, if he cant make a stack of batteries pull a trailer as efficiently as our current means, i highly doubt the us military is in the position to be making bigger stacks of batteries pull tanks around and not make gigantic battery fires every time one gets hit with a shell. i mean look at the size of recent kaly fires, and then multiply that by ~100 for the number of batteries it takes to move anything bigger than a board and drop in in the middle of an active warzone. Seems highly dubious, Just my 2cents.

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