Torqueboards TB218mm Trucks

Hi, does anyone have a fix for these truck issues.

The 218mm torqueboards trucks don’t fit a wheel with a pulley. There is no thread left. Have tried all sorts of variations with the pulley (it has a bearing) Is this a faulty product or am I missing something. I bought them from and figured buying trucks from them were for electric skateboards so they would allow for a wheel pulley.

Also one of the axles doesn’t allow a standard 608 bearing to fit on, the axle is too thick on 1 side. Am I missing something here. How do I fix this?


Also, the trucks are bowed, are they meant to be beant like this? Axle and all.


Not sure what wheel pulley you have on there, but these trucks are pretty irrelevant nowadays.

Just get this instead xD


Those sneaky fkn russians! Cheers man

Its an evolve kegel 38 tooth, has a bearing, i took it off, but it seems dodgy and still not enough thread to put the nut on

It’s been known for a long time that bearing pulleys don’t really work on the TB cast trucks. Just go with a Boardnamics one or check the axle length on the TB CNC ones

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If your standard bearing doesn’t fit then send it back. Thats a deal breaker right there. Major Tom to ground control

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Haven’t tested with Evolve Kegel Pulleys but pretty sure you need more axle space for Evolve Kegel Pulleys so I don’t think they would fit.

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Okay cheers