Torqueboard direct drive with AT wheels

Anyone running AT wheels on their torqueboard direct drives? I’m curious how you like them. I’m thinking of pulling my TB 110’s off and installing torqueboard AT wheels and ordering some abec adapters from TB as well. Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Does this need it’s own thread besides the TB DD one?

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@torqueboards @longhairedboy

I was running janux rims on a set of beta TB motors for almost a year but they just started having issues. Tried it on 75 KV and it turned out to be a very bad idea.

don’t run pneumies on direct drives if they’re over 60 KV. 75KV will cook and die in short order based on my own experience.


@Skyart do the thing :eyes:


You absolutely have to do 4wd in this case. If you want AT on DDs. I have 4wd 60kv DDs XLs even these get a bit warm on a spirited ride.


That’s a shame that its too taxing on the motors to be practical… I feel like I need pneumatics where I live now and being able to throw them on a 2wd 75kv DD would have been nice. Haven’t ridden my board in almost 2 months now :frowning:

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