Torque boards 218 hangers for sale

OUpgraded my trucks… got these for sale $30 shipped from san diego…Only the hangers


I’ll take them, lol

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I’ll take them if you still have them!

I already took em, sorry


He has another set from my knowledge

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damn :frowning: really needed exactly this for my build. If he has another pair and is willing to sell em, I’ll take them @Bobby

I have to remove a mount clamp thats stuck but i think @Genex has dibs, sorry man


Damn, it’s all good

I’m sorry bro, why not try @Boardnamics new hangers, precision quality and feel great

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too expensive :frowning:
still in college lol

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Why not try yin yang on your build with calibers? I have some filed down calibers that now have an extended axle due to me filing it a lot, added enough space to add a full spacer

what’s yin yang?

Motors facing opposite direction. One reverse mounted and one mounted to the inside of the trucks

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Oh haha, it’s not the motor, I’m using 6354 which are a perfect fit for Caliber II’s but I want to have a swappable setup between regular urethane wheels and pneumatics, Caliber II’s can’t fit pneumatics

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Want my extended calibers? The ones I filed to make extended?

sure! do you not get wheel bite?

can I see a pic? I’m curious

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On the evo deck, they shouldn’t get wheel bite, really depends on deck and what angles risers you are using

nice! can those fit pneumatics?

if yes, how much do you want for them?