Torque Board AT Setup Not Lining Up

Hey y’all! Just recently got my TB components for my current build and I seem to have an issue… I order the AT kit with 410mmx15mm belt for reverse/outward trucks which is how I’m setting it up. I am using v7 brackets on the 218mm trucks with a 15T TB motor pully. Even with the 410mm belt, I am unable to connect the wheel pully with the motor pully. Even with the motor pushed as close to the wheel as possible, it is still so tight I cant even get it on. If pictures are needed let me know! Hope y’all know what’s up.


What size do you need? I have a couple 420mm belts on hand


I was under the assumption this was the right size? On his website for the kit this was the belt for the AT wheels and the outward facing motors.

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What’s the center to center of the motor axle to the wheel axle? And what pulley sizes do you have?

About 4-1/8" from center to center and thats with my motor pulled as close as possible. 62T and 15T

Why don’t you just post some pics and explain a little more. I have a feeling there may be some confusion here

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the second to last picture the motor is pulled up all the way just an fyi

And its the same for both side, just trying to get one side working first

Yep seems that its just a belt too short. Have you tried putting the belt on the motor pulley first, then getting it on the wheel pulley?


Ive tried anyway possible lol

They may have just put in the wrong size then

410 is the biggest size on his site currently

send Dexter a msg there on this forum and reply quicker to a msg on here than an email.

otherwise you can get HTD 415 5m or 420 belts of aliexpress

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@torqueboards should be able to explain what you need to do.


This is curious because I just finished putting together this same kit and my 410 belts fit fine. The only different is I’m using his V6 reverse motor mount and not the newest V7.

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V7 Motor Mount requires a 435mm belt. We don’t have any in stock yet but we should in a few weeks.


Holy poopoo that’s crazy! Man. Those mounts look meaty af :heart_eyes:


According to the magic spreadsheet you can use 420mm to 450mm (105mm to 125mm centers), 435 is the target though


Weird size. vbeltsupply doesn’t even have those and they have everything.

420 :

425 :

430 :

( missing belt size )

440 :

445 :

450 :