Three nights only!!!! $25% off all....Bobby’s North America Sale!!! All my things

  • kids baseball gear needs replacing so im having a sale on shit amd im being a bit more lenient on who ill sell too. I have lots of escs coming in a bit, some batteries for cheap and several remotes and lots of trucks. (My 3 links got stolen)

Im selling it all. This is the first unload… rules for buying. You pay shipping and paypal fees. I will not make refunds so ask questions, im honest. Not selling to anyone i dont know. Im willing to negotiate with people I consider friends. If you’re asking yourself, “is bobby my friend?” The answer is…probably not. Friends of friends is definitely ok. And if you seem to not be an asshole and contribute, we could work something out, just dont expect a hook up.

2 BKB 6374 outrunner motors
Sensorless motors. Bit marked up but still work great
$65 each


? 6880 100 for the pair
2 6374 TB “carbon sticker thingy” motors sensored motors with that carbon sticky film keyway included
$80 each

Mbs rockstar 2 hubs
Red (new)$15 each sold
Black (nearly new) $15 each
Hot pink $12
Pink blue mess $9

$5 off if you get all four

Some used tires
Used tires
$8 each

New Kenda tires
Never used
$20 each $60for four. Includes free inner tubes
Tubes $7 each

Berg tires $10 each
Haggy tires, some used, some not so much
Berg black hubs $60 for 4
Haggy drive pulleys $50 for two

All haggy stuff $160

Used matrix 2 Plastic baseplate sold

New matrix 2 $180 plastic baseplate
Both orange bushing thing

Atc oldsr style matrix 2 mounts sold

Moon gears drivetrain $575 (trucks wheels hubs motors and moon drives)
Brand new moon drives $220
Sk3 silver motors $100
Metroboard tires new $100 sold

Moon SR drives with motors
These drives are beat up. They work but def don’t look pretty. Motors not sold separate
$140 for all (110 for sale $99.99 for homies.) :woozy_face:

SR trucks
Slightly used with modified axles $130

Part 1 of 3
More to come!!!

Colab deck $140


:eyes: these are going to last 4 seconds


I’ll take 4 rockstar 2s in black if you have 4.

And I will take the Kenda’s with tubes for $60 doll hairs.

That’s a lot of broken picture uploads


@Bobby I’ll take the metro tires.

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@bobby mbs trucks and mounts please.

Nteenth in line for metros!

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I’ll take the 4 pink blue mess rockstars if willing to sell to me.

Haven’t done a ton of dealings here but have bought from @JoeyZ5 and @Evwan before.


Bobby, can we be friends?

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Those kendas have 90 degree valve stems or the 45?

$100 for both? are they sensored?

They r yours

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I can pick them up next time I’m down there. No need to f around with USPS.

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were these from my group buy. :smiley:

Im down for the Berg Hubs and some of the berg tires. Let me know and we can move to PM. Thanks!!!

I’m pretty new to the forum, but I could really use these. I have the xtla mounts, but they don’t fit my 176mm SR’s.

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Pm sent.

I’ve been waiting to see if you’d open up to sell to more people. Already sent you a PM but I’ve purchased from @Jansen and @havenever if that adds to my credibility. (wasn’t sure how tagging people in a PM would work)

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can vouch for this man

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