this thread intentionally left blank


I think we’ve sorted that shit out…
how about Tesla… not the car… the genius…

what if we could power PEV without batteries…


Clickbait :expressionless:



There’s a secret long lost art to do this.
Your legs aren’t going to like it though :crazy_face:


click-bait definitely…

for science


Are you going for a job at BuzzFeed? Or just looking for late night pervs?

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I want a buzzJob at feed… doable?


see @Niklas this is how we create a random thread…


Do you have motors bearings that died before the ghost of DIY got to the electronic bits first? Honestly, I’ve killed motors before bearings every time, maybe there are shit batches. Like maytech and their direct to consumer freefloating magnets. Their oem customers don’t get that treatment.

I’ll ask our dads if you won’t tell.

Don’t play in the dirt so much,

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band-aids and jbweld are all i have… plus 2 euros for shipping… can we save the motors?

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Motor bearings? Like the bearings inside the motor, or the adjacent wheel bearings?

wait what!
shielded bearings are ass. you can only get that low viscosity stuff inside of them that will get flinged out in no time.
sealed bearing however just use a needle or a thin flat knife or whatever and pry them open pack them full with thick grease. I’m using schaeffer 274 grease as per @CHAINMAILLEKID instructions.

here is som good instructions from a bearing seller scroll down to “further information”.

however im also interested in motor bearings as they will spin way faster. is grease appropriate there might be wrong… but for wheels I use either zealous. or use cheap bearing that fill with 274 the first thing I do. applying it like in his video is the easiest way I found.

Is that you mikeeeeee?

Any kind of bearing for the most part.
If it feels rough/crusty, makes noise or gets hot it has to be thrown out.

And by this day and age for me and in the industry it’s always a replacement and (if it’s nothing special) a sealed bearing with lifetime grease (for “low RPM” i.e. ~ <20K RPM)… unless it’s already dumped in grease in it’s a̶p̶p̶l̶i̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ natural habitat.

Reallllly long extension cord.



I think working out an induction charging option would be cooler. Interesting though.