Theseus Glow-up

Here’s a long overdue build thread.
This started as a while different board, been replacing parts for the passed 2 years. Deck is the final part of the old esk8 that’s being replaced.

Parts of Theseus:
[Space to add parts this esk8 had originally]

The internals as there are right now, post Theseus-ification:

  • 12s4p Lishen LR2170LA
  • LLT 20A BMS bypassed discharge
  • Maker-X DV6 Pro
  • VX2 (will eventually be an !Fancy by @thunkar
  • XT90S for discharge and XT60 for charge port (GX16-3)
  • foam.
  • 5mm bullets for motors.
  • a Switchblade 38/40 enclosure from the god of enclosures himself @eBoosted
  • straight cut M1 gear drives 2.78:1 from the amazing @Boardnamics
  • and his awesome 270mm trucks with 10mm shafts and adjustable baseplates in split angle (45/15)

Parts I still need to install:

  • antispark switch or loopkey
  • charge port fuse (have one on the way)
  • buck converter for 24V on the discharge on the BMS (routed to XT60 on front of enclosure)
  • TTL if I can fit it
  • SF8 and MR60 connectors in a 3d printed mount for motor disconnection
  • I’d like to bump this up to 5p or 6p but I think I might need to topmount my ESC/electronics and rethink my wiring for that to happen.

Just cleaning up the old gasket to install new waterproofing before proceeding with the holes.

New wood:

Issa switchblade 40 (pinecone)
Dang living less than 30 minutes from the LY factory is awesome.

Mapping the holes. Clamping it down. Had to pull the trucks out a little from their distance for the SB 38

Butyl tape:

For deck side sealing.

Marking and drilling pilot holes for threaded inserts.

Ugh threaded inserts fuck:

Trying tod have as little butyl spilling out as possible, things are tricky with the motors unable to disconnect from the enclosure currently:

Rubber sheet:

So deck is mounted… Backwards. Threaded inserts work well and don’t look bad. At least not showing through the top.

Waterproofing still leaves a lot to be desired. Might have to get some window seal or something. New plugs and printed mounts are also necessary for sealing.



I can hear the faint sarcasm through the screen. Yes I I’ve been putting this off far too long. I really owe this thread to both myself and the community. Time to pay back all the free help I got from this forum with some free documentation and logging.

As a bonus now I can just link this thread instead of reciting my board details to every brain I ask for help.

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No sarcasm.

You subtly changed “un” to “not” :smirk:

Nice! I’ve yet to do a build thread lol. But similarly re-building a board that I bought when the pandemic started.

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AAAH-hem… {Clears throat}


Motor panel connectors being installed tomorrow!
$20 per connector for SF8 but it should end up really nice.


Lordy lmao

They do look really slick though

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Wired up the VESC for panel mounted connectors. Might add bullets between the VESC and the panel mount later idk.

Now to re-sleeve and add connectors to my motors.


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Super curious how those weipu connectors will stand up to road vibrations.

Looking good :+1:

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