THE WHEELBITE | Sector 9 Meridian | TB218 | Dual maytech 6374 | VESC-X | 12S4P

Finally decided to make a build thread for my first board after one year.

Got the name because only I don’t get wheel bite with six shooter and all my friends get wheelbite when they are riding mine. Yes, they ate shit because of it…

Inspired by @eBoosted’s Dearth Maul and @myreala’s Edgerunner


Here are the important part PICTURES!!!

my favorite two:

When it’s all shiny and sparkling new:

Running great no problems except burnt couple antispark switch.

Those MBS 100mm wheels are not super comfortable on road due to little contact patch in my experience. So decided to switch to 6 shooter. The belts took forever to ship and I tried different length. 400mm is the prefect one with 15T/60T for me.

Naive me didn’t realize PU wheels decrease this much amount of range, scored a deal for a set of green 107mm locally for 70 bucks. This happened on the first 20 miles on brand new 107mm. Sad day…

@Psychotiller being such a nice man he is, got me a single black 107mm. Now I got three green wheel and one black wheel.

Somewhere between the past year, my APS remote main switch after repeat use. Completely torn off. Switched to a mini remote. Maybe it’s still repairable.

Some lower picture:

Some group pics:

Last months I was trying to track down why I keep getting speed wobbles really bad from time to time, switched bushings tightened the motor mount. Turns out is my bolts for back truck are loose… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Last week, I officially sold the board to a close friend, and made him ditch his boosted.

Now I am in the process building a MTB that I can strap onto roof of my car and take it when I do long road trips. Utah/Colorado mtb trails.
If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for watching my journey to build my first board. It’s super fun… for real. Thanks to this great community, learned so much in the past year, met amazing people.



Seriously though, looks like a great build.


Oh yeah. First saw yours on reddit. I said to myself. That looks like what I want mine to be. That’s over a year ago. Haha.