The Slogger. Breathing new life into an old board

Hi all,
Been a lurker on here for a few months, think its time to share my build.

Not all eboards are going to be pretty, This one came about from me wondering what to do with a pretty tired old kite board. Should i put it on ebay and hope to get £40 for it? or shall i have a bit of fun?

even back in 2013 the mbs was starting to look scruffy.
The only electric mountain board i had seen previously was on the old surfing dirt forum a few years ago. i had no idea this whole new community existed.

so the journey started, found a controller on ebay , one of the dickyho type ones. i really didn’t know any better but it turned out to be surprisingly good.
Then back to an old familiar place, the trampa website. where i discovered that E-mtb’s are actually a thing!
New springs and dampers ordered and pulley wheels to suit the pr1mo’s and a handy link to hobbyking where sk8 149kv 6374 motors and a couple of 5s lipo’s where ordered.
time to build.

Refurbished the mbs trucks and hangers and as i didn’t know any source of motor mounts for mbs truck i decided to make my own from a sheet of 10mm thick alu. went ok i think.


motors added

taking shape

ready to bolt on


on the board

from behind


Love this very high motor placement. Not sure why we don’t see more boards with motors mounted higher like this. anyway looking good so far :+1:


carrying on the self build theme i made an enclosure for the controller from aluminum, by now it was starting to be apparent the controller was not going to be up to the job and i was hoping the alu would at least give it a chance by keeping it cool. a cash box became the battery box which seemed kind of apt and it was ready to test.


tbh it was a happy accident, i drew out the truck on the horizontal plane and put the motor mounts at 40 degrees, completely forgetting that the board tilted the truck 35 degrees.
that said, works really well smashing through undergrowth, and over roots,

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Nice work


So that was the first version, added some headlights and set about really enjoying riding it over the winter months, Each time pushing it a little further to find out where the limit of the board was. As i said the cheap controller performed surprisingly well.
But we always want more.

Got a Flipsky 6.6 duel plus remote ordered on their black friday deal and started planning the upgrade.

battery capacity increased three fold and wiring upgraded to 8awg with AS150 connectors splitting to 10awg and xt90 for each battery pack.

That crash was worth waiting for, I’m gonna watch it again actually.

like i said, it may not be pretty but its pretty unstoppable

Ha ha, learning the hard way remotes have a short range.

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Having seen your work that’s a nice compliment. cheers.

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The current spec is
Board. Mbs core16
Bindings. Mbs f4
Wheels. Pr1mo composite with chen shin 9" diamond tread tyres
Springs and dampers from Trampa
motors. 2X sk8 6374 149 kv
motor pulley 14T
wheel pulley 66T
esc. Flipsky 6.6 dual
remote, Flipsky vx1
motor mounts & enclosure. self built.
battery. 6X 5s lipo 8000mah, making 10s 24000mah

Whats the angles of the tabs on the 2nd deck?

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A problem i had with all the new power and extra weight from the batteries is that the board got very squirrelly under acceleration. A solution was found,

add a strengthener

I put a little be of pre-load into the board and glued the strengthener on, wasn’t quite sure if it would be enough but i think i got it just about right.
it encourages hooliganism!


did you buy the tires from trampa or elsewhere? how are you liking them? durable?

That is a Trampa 15 long iirc. shaped it myself.
think they still do them in short.

sorry for delay. hit max post limit.


Can’t remember where i got them from, noticed that Trampa have them on the website now

Very durable, they are years old. i really like them, good amount of grip but will drift if you want them to.