The Pickling Corner - Workshop journal

Finally got round to starting a workshop thread, this is a place to show the shit I’ve broken, fixed, made and just general shite in my workshop

someone of you may have seen my scrub deck break, after that such event some very nice forum members came to my aid and so i now have

@ApexBoards @NullBlox
no picture do these decks justice, @NullBlox managed to mix the perfect shade of crimson (it’s darker in person and pops way more)

i have some special builds for these decks, the apex predator deck is gonna temperaly go on something worthy of the name APEX PREDATOR :crazy_face:

and the Nullbox deck is gonna have a nice themed build for it :slight_smile:


I will not be offended if you scratch the paint/stain. :slight_smile:


i am in fear of damaging the beautiful colour


Changed sprockets and chain, after 8 months of heavy use


Ok so it is no secret that i have broken alot of different parts, i use my boards hard and in every condition and do near daily maintenance to keep em running good

i managed too torque this @Trampa urban mount in half, not from the screw being too tight, but acceleration torque. so @SabreDynamics @ApexBoards @NoWind if yall need stuff breaking i’m your man :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


hahahaha I’m not sure how much you were joking but that sounds genuinely useful to have a donkey around to kick stuff to its limits, especially if it’s with good maintenance


100% super useful. You should see the way this dude rides…

He’s an animal and pushes our stuff to the limit. (Beiran Martlew)


i recognize him but can’t remember his name

if it ain’t broken you aren’t riding it hard enough and if it is broken either your maintenance sucks or the part is weak, i like to make sure it’s not poor maintenance causing the issue


so she is very ugly, but is a temporary fix until i get some new gear drives in, it’s made from 12mm steel so if it’s breaking i have bigger issues on my hands.


Onto the third scrub truck adapter, first one was 3mm 316 stainless and ripped in half, second was 3mm 7075 aluminum also ripped but lasted about 1200miles. And the third is made from 3mm 316 stainless again but is a place holder until i get some new ones from @SabreDynamics


Finished the rebuild if my portass dreadnought lathe


Yeah dreadnought sounds about right with the chonk of that fucker

dreadnought tickles the warhammer nerd in me XD

Bent MUD MONSTERs motor mounts doing wheelies, stole the deck for my commuter and installed the @SabreDynamics adapters
apex stiff deck is wayyy too stiff for me rn, it should soften up a little in time and i’ll get use to it.