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[the painkiller] | 4WD | redember 44 | VESC 2x trampa HD | 6385 173kv | remote gt2e | 12s28p 50G | FatBoy Gear Drive helical | flexi BMS

you solved all the painkillers with this board!
The only painkiller you left out is the pain of your wallet XD

Great build so far!


yeah, but at this point that’s part of this hobby. actually I’m curious to see if this will be the final stab which stops the bleeding

…at least for some time

it’s over twice the amount for DV6 - the reasons must be rock solid

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No matter what ESC you use it will not be as thick as an offset double stack 12S6P. And you have the option to run your mains out of the center of one side if you use a C shaped pgroup layout and not a U shaped layout in your battery. that would allow you to only run mains the length of each half and not all the way down the board.

Then you could have reasonable length on your mains and typical length on your phase leads, and your battery would also be further away from a zone of the enclosure where gouges are more likely to happen if you hit something.


I NEED THOSE MOTORS WHERE CAN I GET THEM :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


now that’s an interesting way! does the weight not being distributed equally affect riding/handling the board?

how’d you approach the construction when 3 rows of cells will be used? i [probably] am able to fit 3 rows of cells 2 layers high, that would be 12s14p with a frighteningly low amount of space (1.5-2cm)

the parallel conections are a bit weird, from 7 cells to 7 cells with nickel, other connection with wire, then nickel 7 cells wide etc…

if I rotate the cells so that the longest axis is parallel to the longes axis of the deck (as typical 12s6/8p is), then I waste space of one more cell on each side (however that would be awesome for 16S build!), but if I try to make 12s in 8 rows, 2 layers, not sure how that would turn out, or to be more specific, how difficult would those connections be.

I’d like to have the battery more serviceable than less, so some weird connections would mean a monoblock which is more pain to change P group in, than connection where the P groups are in a repeating pattern

the capitals did not help you, I would notice you the same if you used lowercase :smiley:

I’ll make a sell thead tomorrow, it’s more of you who want them. I have 2 left - they have some awesome features and some drawbacks which might not be any obstacle for you. might get more of them in the future for you


that’s debatable but my gut says yes.

Well that’s quite the monkey wrench. Something tells me a series connection the length of the entire pack would be less of an impact than super long mains leads. So… two snakes kissing?

ewww. Don’t do that unless you’re under ten charge cycles or just like having your smart BMS balance constantly and like running discharge protection.


Ahhh, I need 4 of them :neutral_face:

Top QC, tried out vescs for years, very quick response and great support. Mainly NO ANTISPARK, NO INPUT MOSFETS, hybernation, ASS mode on new models now… You will ride with it for many and many years to come…

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Normally I’d agree with you, but after recent events I’d say youre better off sending Benjamin Vedder some money directly and leave Trampa products alone. We’ve been incredibly lucky this year with new VESCs coming to the table including Lacroix’s Stormcores, ZhanZhan’s ZESCs, MakerX DV6, Torqueboards TB6(?) and the Spintend UBox that its not worth paying the Frank tax.


I cannot put a price on a tried out, let alone top unit and superior. Several people injured on stormcores… People injured on unities when they came out. In first place I do not give a crap about someone’s manners… I care about safety. (What were his last words? “I know I should have but I don’t like how Frank behaves”) If you knew how much stuff gets broken, how new things tend to have problems most of the time, you wouldn’t care about how Frank acts, you would care about safety just like anyone should. We can argue Stormcore is stolen… come on, forget about non sense and buy what works and holds.


lol, if you think nobody has been hurt by a trampa ESC malfunction, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

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Before selling a bridge maybe read the comment, I specifically talk about new and untested stuff. Not mentioning QC, proved design etc… If you choose your ESC by how you like the owner of the company selling it, then holy shit but each to it’s own… be my guest :slight_smile: Your trampa vesc won’t go bad because of a faulty antispark, blown input mosfets, desoldered joints etc… trampa has and always has had the best units on the market. Period.


Idk man, I think you’re off saying that other vesc hardware renditions aren’t tested, don’t have QC, etc. If you’re buying Trampa, you’re paying extra to get new features early and to support the R&D we all benefit from, but that’s all.


QC can mean anything. Good QC is the key and trampa has top notch. In comparison with for ex. Flipsky where you get 3 units and one has a usb port fallen off, the other one has only half working… My whole point is health and safety before feelings… Makes sense to me


plus in all honesty trampa seems to overall have the best figures for failure rate they are def more reliablee then any other vesc on the market


TOtally agree… If unities didn’t have the stupid antispark and input mosfets (better QC qould help too) they would be totally reliable too. I mean they still are but without it they would be superb. Just passed 10 000 km on mine (got one ready for exchange with a removed antis. and those mosfets, died after 2300 km - blown antis)

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Not much has been going on lately, especially because I’m finishing my semester and few more weeks will be hell in the exam period.

But, when Christmas time came, I got myself one free day. And the drives are finally assembled!

I need to order metr pro and two trampa HDs. This is not a small project for me, especially with the time constraints I have.

To cite Martin from the marble machine x - how to eat an elephant? Bite after bite


I feel like these modors can benefit from a slightly longer shaft