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The official merch thread 🕯

Shoutout to @longhairedboy for this to happen!
A few nights ago, I had an idea. Why not casting candles for the forum?
Here it is, the official candle!

I’m asking for 18$. And of course, LHB gets some smeckels for this.
Buyer pays shipping.
And on top, it is truly handmade.
Here is the form.
For Scent candles see post #60


Is the idea to light a bunch of these at Enertion’s funeral?


i’m dead.


Love it! I was hoping for a different type of getting lit though. Any future plan to make some esk8 news papers?


Kind of! :joy:


Hey, @moon bug, do you want one for the funeral?:laughing:

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@longhairedboy Is somthing there in the future?

So is there enough interest?

ill take one

that would e awesome. i might look into it on a lark.


Todays Esk8 News

Enertion Finally Dead?


Hahaha pun intended right @longhairedboy
esk8 newspaper

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What’s the smell like tho? Might pick one up for me and one for my non existant wife


@Astro For what smell are you looking for? Might have roses in stock, but just type what scent do you want.:call_me_hand:

I’d go for a burning electrical hub motor smell. Unless you can somehow harness the scent of refunds, delays and arrogance.


Already have this, when I’m soldering in my basement and using heat shrinks and someone says, that it smells like burnt Nylon or PLA fumes.
@Mobutusan You want it really bad, the smell as a candle, don’t you?:wink:


Sorry but I don’t really see the point at wanting ENERTION dead. They may have committed mistakes. For sure I understand the despair of people who have lost money and who are waiting for deserved refund.

Now ENERTION probably have to face severe financial problems.

I remember the times when many people were happy regarding UNITY. At that time hating TRAMPA was the good attitude. One’s said they were evil. One’s said they stole the VESC spirit. One’s said they only wanted to make money.

Now it’s like everybody have to hate ENERTION. Are we supposed to be sheeps?

Does anybody here really thinks Jason may feel happy at the moment? Is this whole hate necessary? Yesterday the toilet flush of ENERTION logo, now the funeral candle. It makes sense?


That thing with funeral candle is only a joke. The candles purpose is only as merch for


I don’t necessarily want to see them dead in the water, but they’re circling the drain. Just a matter of how long.

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I think we all agree that we don’t want enertion dead… just fixed. Unfortunately, they are killing themselves. They issue delay after delay on products after promising not to do so, they have sent out several defective products, claim they dont have the money to issue refunds and to top it off, they ban and censor people on their builders forum. It seems like their employees have left because they weren’t getting paid so it isn’t just a bandwagon thing. I mean, they couldn’t even bother to send a little apology letter with their unities; to apologize for delays. That small gesture could have gone a long way. Instead, they blame everyone else and take no accountability


btw. @Bobby want one?