The Light Bringer (Build Log)

So, instead of studying I sat down and worked on the PCB for this little Project.
Will be ordering the prototype driver PCB sometime around Christmas

Design stage:

In simple terms, 110W ((37v*3A) LED (Cree CMT2850) driven by an ic (TI LM3409) with poti for dimming.
The whole thing runs off the battery pack. pretty much any pack between 30v and 70v.
Has Undervoltage around 30v, which it needs cause at full bore it’ll drain your pack all by itself in some fraction of a day.

Lensing TBD but I want to see how it fairs without lensing, just reflectors (the cheap alibaba things). Hopefully, the front of the deck keeps most of the light going down and out instead of blinding the ride.

Mounting will be a U-bracket, that wraps around the base of the trucks. LED will be under the deck / forward,
PCB will be towards the back. currently designed with xt60s between the battery and LED. So the LED will be on its own pcb in front, with a wire connected, and then in rear (of the front truck) will be the driver PCB and connector to the battery.

The poti can be any kind, just max R of 250K Ohms, mounted at the through holes on the left

U-bracket will be some sort of metal. probably just something cheap bent into shape for now.
The idea is for the truck to act as a heatsink.

Driver PCB

Cree LED

CAD of mount:
*No there is no warranty, no idea when or if Ill be selling these, (but if you did it would be like 30$) to build one yourself
** No its not necessary. but is funny

This is a previous version

Just a little more sneeeeky peaky

This is a previous version



Interested to see how this turns out.
Any plans to adapt to channel trucks?

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you mean channel risers?
I was thinking about that.
This little setup would get in the way, though it would be easy to move the driver board to the side. hmmm

I suppose why not
@Skunk if I fail all my exams its your fault

Redesign for the side

My layout skills > my 3d cad


Heres some updates on the reflector, Hopefully the distributor in Shenzhen will think my business worthy of their time. The other option is to just go for a lense at some distance to adjust the focal point.
Real trouble is, I can’t 3D print anything because it’ll likely just not stand up to the abuse / uv / heat

Should be pretty spotlight-y

Anndddd… .heres the BOM.

Ordered the PCB and Bom x1 a couple days ago.

Project_Dec13_0940PM.xls (21.5 KB)


So my dumb ass forgot to x2 one of the components. Gotta wait for one more.
Also now researching 250k potentiometer options.

Got the reflector in from a supplier in Taiwan. Looks really good. But on the large side but should be doable. We’ll see

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