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The Kraken aka disaster board 3000 [AU] 40" LY EVO, Eloft DD - AT wheels - Sony 12S4P

This is a continuation slash replacement of my tale of woe and build blog from other forum as I am weening myself off enertion.
Pictures Soon.
Current progress 85%
Cost - dont go there…
Ok start with the name. Under Maritime Legend a ship with name of a sea monster is to be said to be doomed with misfortune. So it already had the second part. If you cant wait head over to enertions techsupport forum and riffle through bones till you find my build log. Spooky Even.


We gonna need to see some ass and belly pics



Coming soon… Just a place holder most of the real work is yet to come.


Ya I would like to see how you attached your rgb strips.

I put them in 12mm waterproof sleeve hot glue ends to seal and this insane double sided tape i bought from aliexpess its a red roll the tape is tranparent and deforms easily but hold like nothing else i have seen. I bought it to hold 48 cells pack in enclosure now i cant get it out not without destroying the pack.

Ya I bought some 3m double sided tape that holds I think like 10lbs per liniar foot. Thats what I was thinking of using if I ever use rgb strips. I used it for cable management on my pc and it’s insanely strong.

Only done 20 miles but 5 of that was on boardwalk and rattled my board and teeth. Still stuck hard

I am really struggling to get my big balls in the rim is super tight…

New wheels on motor not detecting can you spot whats wrong?

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Where should I start? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. Insulate the connections
  1. ESC power on? Could it be that fuse?
  2. Give the wheels a firm spin?

Wrong I would take Jacob you a clueless twat.
But here is a clue take a close look at the vesc.

First one to see it gets a bonus secret santa from me…

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This looks unplugged lol

So close its in that pic

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Oh his fucked up kapton whatever that is?

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True that’s not it clue 2 whats missing?

I’m a dumb bitch what is it lol

I am sure you have the capacitance to work it out

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