The future is almost here. 3dprinter expendables

They finally invented a material stronger than steel, but the weight of plastic. Right now they do this in the lab, and as they tell it, INDUCE the material into slabs and sheets. It is a hop and a skip, to a day when every lad will have his, OR HERS 3d printer, that actually makes a correct, strong, light, finished object straight out of their imagination.

I was a CNC programmer, and moldmaker, process engineer. And yes, I am jealous of so many of you that have their own 3d printer. But in reality, the most functional thing about 3d prints, is to check fits and contours. For a REAL part, it still requires a mold. At least rapid prototyping.

This new material, is said to be able to scale up. For even architecture. So forgive me for dreaming, that it would be a lot cheaper than the present expendables in your 3d printer rigs. And the dream continues to making within the hands of every MAKER out there, real, finished, rugged parts for any application. Forget the jet pack I am still pissed they stiffed me. The ability to create whatever you can dream up and even have enough bandwidth to make parts for pals as well cheaply would be world changing.

MIT Engineers Create the “Impossible” – New Material That Is Stronger Than Steel and As Light as Plastic

MIT Engineers Create the “Impossible” – New Material That Is Stronger Than Steel and As Light as Plastic (

Soon, every child will be taught cad type programming.


Dreaming pretty hard here bud, eh?


Typical Skatebored post lmao

new pollution material just dropped boys



Will you cunts knock it off. Don’t shit post and move along. Read the OPs bio before dropping those neggy vibes.

@Skatebored I can’t wait until they start teaching kids cad! I was just thinking about offering basic cad classes to neighborhood kids to get them ahead of the curve. Not to mention how healthy of a brain exercise it is. I can’t wait until the day I can 3d print metal as easily as I do plastic.



I agree. I am torn between starting to teach my kid with tinkercad or fusion.

I know that Tinkercad will be easier, but its also so limiting. If she learns how to use Fusion as an 8yr old, she’ll be unstoppable.


Fusion is very simple, I bet she could do it. I was able to learn my way around basic functions in fusion in under 4h with only youtube as my guide, so I think with your help it will be a fun and valuable experience.

Also @Skatebored I wasn’t making fun about you, sorry if you felt that way.


As long as she doesn’t have to define the sketches I think she’ll be sweet. The amount of time i’ve spent cursing at the computer “JUST TURN BLACK YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Is really quite shameful


If you love her, anything but tinkercad. :joy:


Also maybe blender, parametric modeling might be not her schtick. :smiley:

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SOLIDWORKS also has makers licenses for $100/ yr now which is pretty sweet.


I love the idea of spending 100/year on industrial software for an 8 year old oh my god


That’s awesome to hear. They really dropped in my book after d’assault bought them and started up charging for things.

@Linesflag my kid is really in to art but more of an organic nature. I can’t free draw for shit so cad is my only way of making “art”. I want to get him in to blender but I need to hide all the advanced tools so it’s not so overwhelming.

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Good luck, I’d say just let it meddle with everything and watch the chaos unfold. :smiley: Its like a 3d version of scribbling in paint and then filling the open spaces with random colors. :smiley:


Be hardcore and go straight to Openscad :laughing:

That was actually the first thing I did any cad in, but I’m also a weirdo who likes editing scripts more than using guis.

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Fuck that shit. I’m a software engineer and I can’t stand it.

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My math background might help there. I was basically ABD on a physics PhD and dropped out.


Checkout onshape. It’s basically the same thing as fusion but fully browser based.

Also variables are much easier to deal with than fusion.

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I have a minor in math but went out of my way to avoid using Matlab…

My professor for computational linear algebra asked for executables for some of the assignments. So we did the homework in c…