The ever changing electric mountainboard

So this year I decided to build an electric mountainboard, and this is what I came up with

The aim for the build is to create a long range multi terrain board so I can go and explore the extensive woodland near where I live. I also have some crazy ideas about an ultra long journey I want to do with this board, more on that later

So I found a second hand board with trucks, wheels and Bindings for £350 so the build could commence. The Wheels unfortunately were Hypa so I went and spent some cash on brand new Superstars


Trampa Holypro 16 ply
10S8P Samsung 30Q battery pack
E-TOXX 1:5 helical gear drive
2 x Focbox VESC, 45A Battery 65A motor
Alien Power Systems trigger style remote
Trampa dongle and VESC tool app

I also made a YouTube series documenting this build, you can find it here (unfinished at time of posting)

Building An Electric Mountainboard:


So I knew I wanted to go gear drive with this build, less maintenance and well, they are cool AF. So I went with a well proven system - The E-TOXX helical 5:1 trampa gear drive by @NoWind

I was really impressed with the kit, The gear drives come pre-assembled so you know how they go together and you get everything needed, including spare bolts and shugru to seal up the back plate on the inside of the truck

Installation was a breeze, I did it on the truck whilst it was off the board, takes about 30 mins per side.

And the results look impressive!

Motors are dual 6374 from Streetwing in the UK

Gear drive was £610 and the Motors were £120 a peice bringing the total spend to\

Deck, bindings and trucks - £350
Gear Drive - £610
Motors - £240
Total So far - £1200

Next Step - Installing the VESC’s etc


I especially like how you were too lazy to take the bar code off your battery box Lee :joy:

Board looks seeeeek

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Haha yeah man I just wanted to riddddddeeeeeeee! It’s off now mind. Thanks dude, hope we get to chill soon.

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I need to build one of these for the new forest. Miles upon miles of woodland trails. I’ve been talking about it for months, need to just get it done!


I think if you live near that sort of stuff you need to just do it. I absolutely love this machine mate, Completely different ride to a frantic street board.

I have plans, I want to ride the Somerset and Avon canal from Reading to Bristol over 4 days or so. I am going to build another pack so i will have two batteries. Although I haven’t tested range yet, The VESC Tool is saying 25-30 miles range on a pack.


Awesome build dude! I will use ure battery building tutorials for my build! :slight_smile: Do you have a link to the batterybox you are using btw?

I’m in the same boat, and each gorgeous build like this make me closer to purchasing everything, to be honest I’m almost putting everything from my street build to sale, just keeping motors and electronics

Well done @Lee_Wright , I’m curious in your solution for range extender

Squats :sweat_smile:


What did you put in Vesc tool for gear ratio (motor gear teeth and wheel gear teeth #’s) when doing motor detection? 1 and 5, 8 and 40 or other?

Or rather any advice on what to put for maxi gear drive from Jens? 1 to 6.25 Ratio but VESC tool only allows whole numbers. I did 10 and 63 and it feels pretty decent.

Oh hello. Wow this board has changed a lot since I started this.

The VESC tool allows you to put a gear ratio in it