The Conqueror e-MTB | Samsung 12s6p 30Q | Dual TB 6380 - 170kv | Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 Plus | 1:3 Spur Gear | Hybrid


  • Motors: Dual Torqueboards 6380 motors 170kv
  • ESC: Flipsky dual FSESC 6.6 PLUS
  • Deck: Fully assembled Trampa
  • Battery: 12s6p Samsing 30q (most likely going to be built using the solderless NESE modules)
  • Enclosure: Pelican 1200
  • Drive: @3dservisas FatBoy Mini Drive Train v2 1:3 for Trampa Spring Trucks
  • BMS: BesTech D140 12s charge only
  • Remote: Flipsky VX1 2.4Ghz

Prices (all items on same website + combined shipping cost):

  • Fatboy Mini Drive Train v2 1:3 – $365 – Arrived
  • Batteries + shipping – $242 – Arrived
  • ESC + shipping – $294 – Arrived
  • Motors + shipping – $280 – Arrived
  • NESE Battery modules + Extras + shipping – $211 – Arrived
  • Flipsky Remote + Shipping – $58 – Arrived
  • BMS – $35 – Ordered
  • Full Deck + some extra supplies + shipping – $735
  • Charger (6A) – $78
  • Enclosure – $55

Grand Total = Over 2368 - compared to 1800 onewheel, evolve, 1600$ boosted stealth, etc. prebuilts I much rather take on a extra hundreds of dollars for the performance and range I will be getting.

I think that is all I need to complete the build at minimum. I hope to add a bluetooth module, speedometer, RGB lights after completion, etc.

I have been doing lots of research lately trying to figure out the specifics of my build and trying to minimize and mistakes beforehand and get the performance I want out of it down to the last detail. I hope there aren’t any weak links in this system. I seriously don’t want to end up without any brakes going down a hill at 30 mph.


Drive train arrived, looking sexy. Wish I could already put these things to work. Expecting the batteries on Monday, and hopefully be able to buy the ESC and remote next week.


Now batteries arrived


Got the ESC, NESE modules, remote, and motors, but slight problem, the motor shaft is too long for the @3dservisas gear drive :frowning: will update when I get a fix on that

Dis you test your 6.6plus ?
Is it any good?

Nah, not yet, Im assembling the board right now, I gotta order soldering supplies and that is all I have left, there are lots of other threads about the 6.6 and from what I have heard it is good, but we will see.

Just got all my Trampa stuff, for some reason it is nearly impossible for me to assemble this thing… the springs are wayyyyyyyy too stiff for some reason… or maybe the regular dampas are just too much for me (170 lbs) somehow even though the guide said that this would be the ones for me, hopefully after the springs are broken in they won’t be as hard to take out and put in. I wasn’t able to get the springs w/ dampas back in on the front beacuse I couldn’t provide enough pressure using my whole body weight to fit them back in. I think that no dampas in front and green in back will work for me though since my rear barely turns at all, but I want that stability in the back for high speeds. Bindings are going to take a bit of getting use to, so will the deck, I am used to a really stiff meepo deck, and this is a whole different feeling… like I am going to have to learn how to eskate all over again because the balance and turning is different because of also how flexible it is, I am honestly a bit scared of breaking the deck even though I am 100% sure I won’t, just gotta build my confidence. Just standing on the board kinda feels differentl, like I have to be moving otherwise I am going fall off.

anyway will update again once I get all the other stuff. (the last few parts yeehaw)


A preview with motors mounted, need to get each motor shaft cut so I can fully put the gear drives on, and then solder all the wires and stuff together then the board will basically be done after programming the ESC.


Battery fits perfectly. Gonna be a tight fit with all the wires and connectors but I think it will work.

Assembled gear drive, took awhile adjusting motors so they weren’t super tight or super loose, hopefully there is enough play in the gears. Now all I have to do is solder everything, put it together, then program it and hope that everything works fine.

Just weighed the box, battery, and board with motors and gear drive on it, nearly ~36 lbs or ~16kg.


Soldered on bullet connectors to ESC and extension wires, hopefully there are good enough since its my first time soldering. They do look more shiny irl than in pictures, I think I just have a shitty camera. Quite messy though.

  • put heat shrink over all the bullet connectors, I hope they all are okay enough solder jobs so nothing bad happens
  • had to switch the 8 awg on the ESC to 10 awg so I could put it to an XT-90, the 8 awg was too large. Warranty voided, awesome.

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Just make sure to heatshrink those connections as not to short the phase connections.

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Got to adjust volt meter but its working. Hell yes… Im glad everything is working that last few pieces I had to solder was a clusterfuck. All I have to do is get the charger figure out the polarities and solder on the xt60 and figure out the BMS wiring again since it is different than what I thought. Time to set up the ESC.


Very cramped but I think I will make it work.
There is just enough room… like really really JUST enough.


This looks awesome. That big box looks like it’s not gonna be comfortable though.

Could be larger, and worse, its a small box for top mount I think (with all components in it)

Bout to go test ride, don’t think there is anything wrong with the gear drive from this test though, may need more lubrication.


Hey if it works and your comfy it’s all good. Make sure you let your lock tight cure properly! Good luck!

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Had already done all that unless I am suppose to put more loctite each time I take it out,

First impression, gonna need dampas 100% coming out of my driveway I hit the board cus of clearance I am gonna have to be aware of that stuff. BUT this thing is insane. For some reason it was in bldc, not sure why since I did foc set up. The cogging threw me off a bit. But the power… holy shit. I pushed the throttle on the auto green mode on the VX1 which is to accelerate slowly and it was not slow at all. The power beneath my feet, I don’t know if I will ever get used to it since I am scared to push it, maybe that will change with dampas. Also kinda want gloves and kneepads at least. Also, with all this power the battery is at like 30%.

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Maybe check this post to get your gears aligned nicely :slight_smile:

Yeah I got a little backlash, they aren’t so tight, or are they? I saw some gear drive assemblies would use a piece of paper between the teeth, I think I have a little more than that.

Dampas: Made a big difference. Even more speechless considering no wobbles. Though I did lower the amps to 50 for motors was at 70 before could feel the difference, I wonder what the difference will be once the battery is at 50.4v, and the motors are at 80 amps and other values are adjusted accordingly. Topped out at only 20-22 mph flat ground 25 mph downhill, felt quite stable. Yet the 20 mph on flat ground felt like much faster than on my meepo. I started accelerating over a 1 inch gap maybe (looked massive something a regular board couldn’t do) and the gummies cleared it very well. Went up a hill nearly full speed. I think I made an overkill board.

Used up maybe 1.5v and didn’t go for more than a mile maybe, but I was kinda full throttle the whole time. Estimates 9.6 mile range with a 14.6v use range, don’t think this is right for a 12s6p, but we will see. Hopefully I can get 20-30 miles being conservative.