The Carbon surfer (12s 58kv direct drive with 105mm rubber wheels and intergrated Carbon fibre deck )

Hi all,
This is my first build thread, hope you like it! (please go easy on me :sweat_smile:)

The board is not the best in top speed nor range, but it is relatively affordable, not too heavy, comfortable and carve like a dream! However, this is probably my favorite so far, I used to have a Bustin downhill deck with the same setup, but I transferred the gut on to this, and the Carbon Fiber deck is just another level. It has good amount of concave and just looks 10x better haha.

We made a youtube build video, which took forever to edit and film (props to you filmmaker out there :+1:

The build video is here:

We will probably make a part 2 with the ride footage (please like and sub if you enjoyed this video) :smiley:

I have vibration-proof the inside of the deck and now sealed the lid with a fu*k load of tape (hopefully will stop water going in) and put the griptape on top.
The build didn’t take long at all since I got all the parts ready from before.
The parts are:
Carbon fiber deck

ES controller (vesc tool compatible with integrated remote)
12s2P Panasonic 21700 battery
58KV direct drive (double kingpin)
105mm rubber wheels
custom grip tape

The settings are here:

Overall, I like the performance of this build, it is torquey and smooth to brake and accelerate. The carbon fiber is stiff but the rubber wheels reduced the vibration quite a bit.
However, I am running quite a loose setup on my double kingpin at the front since I really enjoy the carving. This means I do get the occasional wobbles if I top out.

Now the with the weather so rubbish in the UK, which is why I am stuck indoor writing this, instead of riding.:sweat_smile:
I need to find some kind of solution to fill every little gap on the board. Bathroom sealants? Hot glue? Please let me know below :smile:

:boom:I call it the Carbon Surfer :boom:


12s2p = 20 miles range :rofl:

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It is a 21700 pack 9.6 ah so should get close to that :man_shrugging:

But who knows its could be shit


I did the calculation on the esk8news calc haha, real range should be around 17-19 miles :joy:


I’m currently getting 3 miles on my s2


For sealing, you really can’t go wrong with silicone or sugru.

Do you have any close up photos? Pretty interested in quality of that deck

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Check the video! It is as close up as it gets :call_me_hand:

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Hope your commute is less than 3 miles :joy:

I added some griptape to the dd cans to match the deck :wink:
Using duct tape for now


You better hold the board by its front truck then… Those DDs with griptape would make quick work of your skin if they were tp spin up with you holding it :sob:


Yeah I usually drag the board holding the front :joy:

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No fellow vendor bullying, Dexter. Or we post that picture of you and the gerbil.


I will happily take some bullying :rofl:

pretty sure you’ve had your share lol :slight_smile:


too soon :sweat_smile:
I still tremble a bit every time I open the forum