The Blue Spirit | Pranayama | Loaded Hubs | Xenith 12s2p P26a

In honor of my school being a bitch and banning boards, I present the Blue Spirit (absolutely an ATLA reference), and honestly it might be my favorite short board to date

In an effort to keep the cops eyes off me I’m going for something low profile (I know the Loaded hubs aren’t the most stealthy but it’s a hell of a lot better than the OneWheel and off road hybrid board) and with the low clearance it will be impossible to see the enclosure while it’s running

I just got parts today and so far I am VERY excited, the rolling chassis feels very nice under my feet, I’m usually partial to much larger boards but the Pranayama is extremely comfortable, Paris Street trucks have a very nice lean profile even with the stock 93a bushings, and Cags are always just * chef’s kiss *

Also shout out to Loaded for the free bearings, pink isn’t my color of choice but who am I to say no :joy:

One of the things I am EXTREMELY excited to try is making a cruise control mode using with an Arduino intercepting the remote signal, basically it will be generating a time weighted average of the signal and if the signal drops to neutral it will maintain that signal until it moves away from neutral, so when I pass a cop I can drop the remote and pretend to push while maintaining a low current that should make it feel like frictionless free roll

Current load out will be...
  • Pantheon Pranayama deck
  • 149mm Paris Street trucks w/ 90a Riptide Krank Street Cone/Street Barrel
  • dual 77a Loaded x Unlimited hubs w/ Orangatang Caguamas wheels
  • eBoosted 18" Cruiser enclosure
  • v1.0 BKB Xenith w/ METR Unity
  • LTT 12s smart BMS
  • 12s2p Molicel P26a
  • Hoyt Puck remote w/ MJF Nug shell
Progress pics so far

Lemme know whatcha guys think!


I think it needs to come with a pair of swords, you coward

How’s the ground clearance against the enclosure? IIRC the LDP Pantheon decks are some of the lowest out there.

I’mma put the remote in the hilt of the sword and swing at all the EUCs that pass me

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Oh it’s fuckin’ low, that enclosure is gonna be streaky

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Will you even be able to turn? I can only imagine the rails scraping against the ground :smiley:

I mean it turns fine now :person_shrugging:

If it’s really a problem suppose I can top mount :sweat_smile:

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I love it all around! I keep thinking about building another board with some stealthy hubs that I can still push around and this is making the urge wayyyyy worse.

You’ll already have a backpack anyway right? :upside_down_face:

Just string that wire harness down your pant leg

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very curious about this part .
In my country there is a ban all together so if i could fly under the radar…

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So essentially,

lastRunningAverage = movingWindowFilter(triggerPosition);
if (triggerPosition = 1500) {
throttle = lastRunningAverage;
else {
throttle = triggerPosition;

Am I getting the right idea?

EDIT: with the filter output feeding back into itself during cruise control so it stays constant, I mean

Haha I mean top mount the deck as opposed to drop mount, that nets me about 20mm of extra clearance

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There’s a little bit about using a latching condition with boolean states to go in and out of cruise control, and a throttle derivative to trigger it but basically yeah

If it works correctly I can put a little Velcro on the remote and my hip so when I pass a cop I can hide the remote and be legit hands free for a few seconds

I know there are some obvious safety imprecations about what happens if I drop the remote or something but I haven’t gotten that far, most likely I will use an accelerometer to fix it (reduce power on turns, cut power if I fall off)

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Gotcha. Is adding the derivative condition supposed to let you avoid cruise control if you want by moving slowly?

It’s so that the more stable the throttle is the more likely it will trigger cruise control, and it only activates if the throttle goes to neutral quickly

So if I do stop and go it won’t be stable enough to trigger, and if I ease it to a stop it also won’t trigger

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I think I can take this on a plane, if I do 2x 5s2p that’s under 99Wh and the whole board is small enough to go in a suitcase with ease, not sure when I would do that but 10mi of range should be enough for this build anyways, worst case I add an external parallel battery

just remember you cant put batteries in checked luggage. they gotta go on the plane w u

You really have this issue? You’re in the US, who is bothering you about this??


It’s literally the first sentence Jackson :roll_eyes:

Ugh, fuck that school.

I’d just be a menace to security. I hate dumb rules with a passion

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Backpack batteries, I’ll charge my phone with them