Thank You Esk8 and this Forum

Now you might be thinking? Who the fuck is this guy and that’s totally fair cuz I didn’t build shit this year (thanks @hyperion1) and I provide zero value or real substance anywhere. I’m straight up retarded

But I fucking love this community and this sport.

Despite all the crashes and falls, the ups and downs (both emotional and financial), and the countless sweaty days that goes with esk8, I am proud to be doing it.

Let’s face it. There was a lot of bullshit that happened in 2019. And I’m tired of hearing about it. Fuck that nonsense

So let’s share some positive stories about esk8

Maybe during a group ride, you fell in love with another rider. Or maybe during a group ride, you crashed and literally went head over heels over another person. Or it helped you improve your skills and got you promoted, who knows? Let’s hear them!

I’ll start.

When I was 20 years old, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing spondylitis. I thought my youth was over when the doctors told me that my spine was starting to fuse together and in a couple years, I’ll have the achy body of a 50 yr old. And it’s true now that I’m 24. While I take humira to slow the progress, it fucking hurts to move shit. But with eskating, I’m still able to explore and do shit that I wouldn’t have been able to. Riding my board makes me still feel my actual age. Until I fall of course, but that’s a different story lol.

Anyways, I just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum for such an amazing year. Stay safe and ride hard guys :metal:


I disagree with this. I personally enjoy the shit out of you, and everybody contributes in a different way. Thanks for sharing your health challenge and how esk8 helps you deal with it.


That’s all you’re gonna provide???
That’s it I’m deleting this thread

Thanks @BillGordon :kissing_heart:


Dude… Exactly what the professional writer said. Plus your joke game is refined.

Fuck those weird diseases with fucking lame ass names no one can remember. May they find a cure or a drug that turns us into super humans either is fine.


Oh hell yeah. This year has been pretty meek for me in terms of physical esk8.

I rode my first esk8, and fell off my first esk8, but haven’t actually built/bought my own just yet. I have been scheming and budgeting and buying parts slowly, but no final product yet. 2020 is the year.

However, I have been active as all hell on the forum, even somehow seducing and bribing my way to becoming a leader. And I’ve learned so much. My knowledge and passion for esk8 convinced me to abandon my safety option of studying law in the Netherlands and instead apply for mechanical engineering in the UK at the last minute, changing my plans COMPLETELY. All of this knowing that I suck at math and physics, but knowing that my passions for areospace and hobby with esk8 all lend to an engineering profession.

But everyday I hop on here eager to learn something, eager to make this a better place for old and new, and eager to joke around with you sickos.

Sincerely, I’m so glad I found you guys and I look forward to what stupid shit we do in 2020


Positive stories? Some of our stand up vendors supporting buyers after failures instead of ghosting. A few examples come to mind:

1: @bevilacqua providing options for refunds, replacements and improvements… super impressive.

2: @Deodand supporting the Unity after the defacto fall of Enertion

3: in-progress @jeffwuneo blasting us with tons of innovation and being open and working to solve some of the issues that have been cropping up with the NeoOne deck.

Honorable mention: @torqueboards … not so much on the issues front, but for impressive innovation and delivery of game changing products this year and into next… thanks Dex!

I’m sure there are more I missed? But really, I love all this innovation and vendors willing to back their shit no matter what. I really can’t say enough and I can’t tag all the vendors… @longhairedboy, @Agniusm, @3DServisas, @eBoosted, @JohnnyMeduse, etc… we have so many awesome vendors that have been killing it. Thanks guys!!!


BTW, I took this more as your personal message to the forum and less of a “what does the forum mean to you” kind of deal. The latter would indeed elicit a different response.


I did not know this. That is indeed pretty huge.


I fail.


Definitely showing this to my girlfriend


Then again we are a bunch of nerds on a diy Toy machine forum.


Positive things:

We found a new forum home that’s not run by dastardly pirates.
I got a good friend into esk8 and he built a sweet board, next year we ride more.
I joined and left a secret esk8 society but fml was it fun :smile:

Silly things:

Top of my criteria for new house purchase was room for an esk8 man shed. Tick that box on Friday :+1:

I’ll PM you something to show your girlfriend.


You’re a dork @Jujo. Hope we get to ride more in person next year


What I read at first



You bet your freshly picked ass we will


Ayy. You and me both fam. I don’t think I’ve met you on a ride or anything but soon we’ll be on a ride on our own boards


I always liked you dude, your humor stats are pretty high and your alignment seems chaotic neutral.

But then I found out you’re also a Justin and now I don’t know what to think.

Best part of this year was going out to Colorado and meeting up with some of these fine folks in real life. Getting to swap boards and ride was an amazing experience I look forward to at PDX. Make it out!


Lol, guess I’ll take chaotic evil


Why does this feel very depressing?