Tell about your first build and how you got into esk8

What got you into building electric motorised planks of death? What was your first build? Any challenges that you had to overcome? Tell about your very first board or DIY build - bring out the history books and tell a story!

I first peaked my interest in electric skateboards when I saw Casey Neistat ride his boosted around NY in his YouTube videos and back then I wasn’t really aware you could actually build your very own. Well, some time went by and I came across some super ghetto YouTube video where some kid built his own board (I might spend way too much time on YouTube apparently) and that led me down the rabbit hole - and eventually on the forums.

Having never really even ridden a skateboard, I was sceptical if I’d even be into them, I just liked the idea/concept of building and riding one. I started digging around the forums for information and guides. I believe I ordered pretty much everything off of eBay for as cheap as I could find - cheap China ESC substitute, random 90mm hub motors, generic 10s BMS, Flipsky Antispark and all the other crap. I went with NESE modules for my battery, since the idea of “modular” batteries also intrested me (no need to spotweld anything).

And this is where I might have went a bit crazy…

I 3D scanned my deck (that I found on Amazon for like ~50€) and modeled a custom enclosure for it that I planned on 3D printing. The problem is that I didn’t have a 3D printer and had zero knowledge on how to print anything - so I went and bought a printer and learnt Fusion 360…

Obviously the NESE modules weren’t the most optimal approach, since they took up quite a bit of extra space and I lacked the skills to properly print them. Plus they took ages to print.

And not to speak of my enclosure. I think I was tweaking my printer for a month until I was happy with with my enclosure components.

And here is the finished board. It looks quite horrible and wasn’t that pleasant to ride, but it taught me a lot and now I’m hooked on building! :smile:
I have since disassembled the entire thing…

Whats your story?


Unfortunately I dont have pictures of my first diy but it was a 5.2 Ah 12s1p lipo on a 10ply no name double drop with Caliber ii 44° front and back with 100mm mbs AT wheels. Topped out @ around 39-40mphs, a little more going down hills.

Was a great board while she lasted. Then I went and smoked a little. Then commenced to cut a little of the tail to accommodate bigger motors… Smoked a little too much and cut more than I should. I cried. Long live the boosted beater.


Mine is a very sad and tragic beginning… A scooter.


July 2017

January 2018

I eventually see this instructable and it all begins.

I joined up and hid in the shadows like a true n00b, gathering intel until I could start asking half stupid questions instead of whole stupid questions.

June 2018
It rides! My love for esk8 is confirmed and I set out to change the scooters original SLA batteries to lithium ion.

Aliexpress packs end up being junk. Voltage drops off when removed from charger. The weight offset from SLA is too great so I start looking into a real build and find you all. Plus my tire blew.

November 2018

I got my non electric parts at a sweet deal. Dude on ebay happened to live an hour away from me. I offered a low ball price to pick it up, he accepted. We both got flagged for not using their platform :rofl:

December 2018

My plan is set, parts list made, and esk8 Christmas is epic.

February 2019

My first TRUE board is finished. I have a plan to fully revamp everything and a second board is almost done with a third in progress (never happened to you I’m sure).

It rides like a beauty. Thank you to everyone here for all the help, insight, wisdom, compassion, selflessness, and laughs. This is a truly wonderful community and I probably couldn’t have done it without you!


I started skateboarding at the start of this school year, around the end of September, I’d see these ‘cool kids’ with their longboards skating to class like they were hot shit while the rest of us walked about in the hot sun. First board was this shitty Kryptonics thing I picked up from a Target in the mall…I abused the shit out of it, gave it a set of blood soaked ABEC clones and a mechanical brake after stepping on the wheels ate my shoes (they were the foam soles AllBirds, comfy as hell but not meant to ride). I dreamed about getting it motorized so I started looking into Boosted copies, for the longest time I thought they were the shit. My GF got a Boosted Mini S and after riding it I realized it was trash, so I got on the builders forum and designed what has evolved into my Pandora build. It took so long that I broke the Kryptonics and got a Minority off Amazon, still riding that and it’s gonna be converted soon. After more fucking around I got some parts but in totally the wrong order…wheels > motors and esc > charger, then I tossed a shitty hub build together for the fun of it, the parts just fell into my lap…and now that PoS is my first…what the actual hell


I started with watching Casey Neistat on a boosted and wanted to get back into it my self back in Januaray of 2016 I got my self a long board and started riding push for the first time in a long time. I’d ride hours and hours a day. I did alot of research and found the builders forums and was looking for a good prebuilt. I decided on the Raptor 2 near the end of 2016 beginning of 2017 so I ordered one.

After i realized I was in for a long wait I decided to buy a used board to get started. I found a good condition Raptor 1 on Ebay I purchased it broke within the first mile riding it. That’s when my DIY adventure began.

I ended up with a Raptor 1 with TB218 trucks and 107s with dual 6374s it was a fun board. Btw I rebuilt my Raptor 1 and build a 12s4p dual 6374 evo that Jake (LHB son) clocked in at 44mph on the radar gun in the same year while i waited over an year for a disappointing Raptor 2.

DIY for life.


I actually started out riding electric unicycles 5 years ago when the top speed was 11mph and the range was like 7-8 miles. I had been messing with the idea of buying an electric skateboard for awhile, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a pre built with less than average specs. I stumbled across the forums for builders and my mind was blown by some of the beautiful builds.

After 3 months of struggle, the end result was beautiful


Talk about eating my own words! Not looking for speed and range?!?!

Taping that weak board’s stuff to a penny longboard got me hooked.


About a year ago, this guy known as money on the other forum sold me my first board (rally cheap)that would constantly fuck up and was done in 2 weeks. He gave me a “deal”on my next board. That was the diyeboard hub kit i paid double for :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. I got tired of having to contact him for repairs so i joined the builders site, opened the board up and never looked back…


In the middle of creating my first build and only have a few parts, got into esk8 with my meepo when I learned about electric longboards, I thought it was fun but the meepo is only sufficient for commutes, I need a much longer range, more torque, and more speed. So basically I am addicted now. And when I learned about eMTBs I thought it was cool so I decided to make it have the best specs I could have on it, only about 30% complete right now.

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Two years ago my wife and I decided to sell everything and buy a sailboat. I mostly trade stocks for money after medically retiring from the army and the market just got me worried. Watching my parents go through 2008 was hard because my dad worked as regional safety manager for the largest construction company in CA and still basically lost everything. Anyway, we decided we were better off living a life that could be as self sustaining as possible. After buying our boat, I started to look for alternative means of transportation that were small and compact. I stumbled onto Joe W on YouTube and ended up buying a gtx. After a while I started to go to group rides hosted by Joe and met some cool people. I ended up partnering up with one of the guys I met and started working on a prototype board. Long story short things didn’t work out the way we hoped, but I learned so many things I hadn’t known before that it really was rewarding in the end. I basically designed a board with no prior knowledge from the ground up. My partner was a huge part of it no doubt. We ended up building two complete prototypes (10s) that we were very happy with. I even managed 5th place at barret junction with it, behind quad and 12s boards. After things not working out I decided to shed my skin and sell the protos to work on my personal board. So I guess I’m working on my 3rd DIY, and will soon be revitalizing my old gtx for the wife. Cant wait for what the future holds.

I’ll be surprised if anyone actually reads all that… lol


First build. First build was an experiment that i achieved before i found the forum. I bought a esk8 for my daughter (because she was 12 and relentless, shes 18 now, still relentless ) It was a thing called a fiik street surfer. This monstrosity.

It had 3 12v lead acid batteries and a remote that was hit and miss unless you held it on the receiver. Her and her 2 friends used to toboggan style cool runnings the thing to school. It got forgotten eventually when it inevitably went wrong. I was big into rc cars at the time so kept looking at it thinking I can get that thing going. Plan was;
Brushless motor
2x 3s lipos
Car esc
Flysky remote/receiver
How hard could it be?
5 batteries and 3 esc’s later I realised
quite hard.
Went all out and got a castle creations and 4 2s high discharge lipos and a 280 kv motor.
Worked an absolute treat and went about 3 times as fast as the original.
Basically I took a relatively safe fun toy for my kids and turned it into something that could kill them.

Father of the year


Hey that’s a great story my friend. Crypto is funding my first build :smirk:


This topic is awesome!

I first seen an electric skateboard on Reddit a long long time ago. I found out about boosted boards and I really wanted to buy one as I was always commuting short distances to work. I told my gf at the time I wanted to buy one and she shot that shit down so fucking quick. “Why would you spend $1,500 on a skateboard that’s dumb. That’s a stupid thing to blow money on blah blah blah”. Fast forward about a year and we broke up. I was talking to @ThermalM16 one night and he was telling me all about how he was building his own bad ass board. I was so stoked at the idea. I wanted to try one so bad but didn’t want to wait so I shopped around. Almost bought a Raptor 2 but again didn’t want to wait. I liked the boosted but the range sucked ass. So I settled on the evolve bamboo GT (big fucking mistake). It was so fucking sick when I got it, I was so thrilled. I loved riding that board and it was awesome to me… at the time.

Now how I got into diy…

That fucking evolve mannnnn, that thing was the biggest pos. I was constantly messaging @ThermalM16 about issues. I had 2 ESC issues and a motor lock up at 25mph. I got pretty fucked up on that board. The worst incident and final nail in the coffin for that fucking thing was when it disconnected on me heading into traffic going a bit faster than 15. I bailed and luckily ran it off. I called @ThermalM16 and was sooo butthurt over it. He told me he’d sell me 2 focbox’s and funny enough was over Damon’s house when I called. We talked over the plan together, I ordered all the shit and shipped it to him. I flew out to Orlando and we built the board. We visited Damon’s garage and he built me a 10S4P 30q pack. Me and @ThermalM16 fitted it to an Evo and threw the evolve trucks and some racerstar motors on it with boas. It was a beast. Handled like shit but man I went from issues every fucking week to no issues at all. Esk8 legit is my life now and I love it. I’ve since built 2 other boards and will have my third soon enough.

Bonus, that same Evo deck is being skinned by @sender and getting a beefy ass overhaul with a sexy flexy 12S5P by @longhairedboy and will use @moon gear drive.


I played with crypto too. But not soon enough unfortunately.


Great story bushworld morty. Ive fallen in love with gear drive. Especially that sound of the gears as you accelerate!


You’re the first person to realize what my profile picture is lol. When I seen that video for the first time I was in tears lol. I am so stoked for Moons gear drive. I think it was on this forum where someone compared straight cut gear drive noise to a 90’s toyota corola in reverse. Sounds hilariously awesome to me haha.

how can ppl not tell? or maybe i watch too much tv


I get asked what the hell my photo is quite often in the philly esk8 chat lol. My original was just C-137 Morty for the longest.

one sec, imma change mine to pickle rick!

edit: i just had an idea for my board.

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no lol