TB trucks and mounts discussion.

Hey guys,

So my TB mounts were wiggling so I decided to just rebuild my drive trian. I never put lock tite on it so I was expecting this. (I haven rode it, just had it built for fun. I’ll put lock tite on for the real thing)

Anyway, my trucks look like this after I tightened those mounts:

Will this effect anything?

Also, what is the best way to orient the motor mount clamps. Mine look like this:

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It looks like the clamp wasn’t tightened evenly, go slow to make sure the clamp halves are parallel, I wouldn’t worry about that damage though

Ideally the screw head is pointing at the deck or is shielded by the motor mount but that should be okay

Edit: I though that was a 2 part clamps, more likely a set screw was poking into the hangar while the main clamp screw was being tightened, make sure all set screw are backed out before clamping


This is the V6 so there wont be any halfs just that large bolt to tighten the clamp at one end, with a set screw to hold it in place.

You’d tighten the clamp bolt and then the set screw, thats the way i’ve done it and its been fine for me.


Ah ok, does the clamp go on the motor side or the back side like I have it?

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Motor side otherwise you wouldnt be able to get the two pulleys to line up

Edit: Sorry, the way you have it is correct!

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Shit ok, that’s probably why

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This is perfect


@Yegmesh where do you have your set screw? Mines here:

I have it where you had it on the second image.

EDIT: I think any corner is a good place, not sure about the curved area though.

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Hmm ok. I had it in the corner originally. I’ll go with the corner then

Wait I thought you said the screw is on the motor side, not the back side

I did, but i misread. what you have in the image is correct

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Ohh ok, and the set screw in the corner?


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It looks like it’s because of the set screw. It will dig into the metal if you tighten it too much. Look at mine. (I have multiple sets of wheels so I move it sometimes)

You’ll be fine. Just loctite all the screws. Settup looks perfect to me


Lol ya this is why I liked the two piece clamps, no set screw marks

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Oh okkk, looks like you’re missing a screw as well. Where us your clamp screw? I can’t find it

right there. There’s 3 different set screw positions. I use the one for the bottom side of the truck

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So it pushes the flat part?

Wait, my trucks are aligned differently. I can’t have it like you.

Edit: I’m wrong, I looked at it differently. Where’s your set screw?

Edit Edit: I cannot do your way because my motors are facing inwards and not outwards. I’ll need to have it like this

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