TB 110mm Wheels | Germany

Hey guys, after riding on abec clones for some time, I’m now looking for TorqueBoards 110mm wheels.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have a set for sale what’s a fair price

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I think this can be answered after having some impression by pictures, so I know in what condition they are :slight_smile:
So how about just sharing a picture quick?

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He is in the US, unless you wanna pay 200 shipped, I don’t think you want them


How you come to this price?
Shipping isn’t that expensive US-EU :thinking:

Well its certainly more expensive than EU- US.

and in that case it’s probably easier to buy them from ElectricboardSolutions


Good luck with shipping from USA I’ve ordered a set of 110s And @torqueboards sent them 43 days ago. They still didn’t cross the ocean. So I am starting to lose hope that those will ever arrive.


Yeah, I waited 2-3 months for a stupid enclosure from MBoards…

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It’s because of usps. They usually not very good with shipping and in this times they for sure the wrong choice. I have as well a parcel which didn’t got updates since 6.4.

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It really depends which forwarder you use.
TB shipping isn’t cheap as well, plus import tax to Germany I guess.
If there is an EU source than that’s the way to go for sure.

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@mackann that has to be an error, right? :smiley: Shipping to Germany.

also available here



Includes 51.95€ moms

Wow, didn’t know you can get them so cheap as an extra :slight_smile: multiple moms even!

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Yea it is lmao, it’s going to be at least 40$ usd and with covid shipping, probably more. Tb110’s are heavy man

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But even than used would be cheaper than buy them from tb new. Don’t get your point there.

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Yeah… Just put this up if anyone by chance has these wheels in Europe or stuff… No reason I buying wheels looking brand new, riding 200m and they look the same as used ones lol.
No reason to spend that money.

@Andy87 agree.

What I’m trying to say is some people in Europe have the wheels and there is no fucking point still with shipping costs from the US

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Usps international has been horrible due to covid. Any new international orders are shipped out via DHL.


eboardsolutions even have the blue 74A ones: